Appmakery Cloud Strategy
SAAS Business Strategy

To start the journey, we have to know where we want be (at least vaguely)
 i.e. Positioning, Brand, Mission, Perception
What do you care about the most?
 Revenue? Growth? Bootstrapping? Commitments? Customer preferences?
 How are you going to succeed?
 i.e Channels, Growing Industry Verticals, Leveraging partnerships?
  What will the organization do? What exactly will you do?
 i.e Hiring, Acquisition, Product Development, Goto Market Campaigns, SLA’s..
Who is going to do this in the organization and when?
 i.e Deliverables, Organization Owners, Roadmaps, Timing..
  Is the organization on track to succeed? Always track what you are doing
 i.e.  Remote team success, Team reviews, KPI’s, Goal Adjustments…