1. Cloud Enterprise Application development



Health Care Application Development 

  • Practice Management Systems

  • EMR Systems, Cloud based Billing systems

  • Migration of legacy HealthCare data Applications to Cloud (Google and Amazon)

  • Innovation in Health care applications (such as patient care with Bots, Home healthcare Testing, IOT devices connecting to Medical Systems )

  • HIPPA Compliance Audits, HIPPA Compliance Implementation on Cloud and Local Infrastructure

Digital Marketing and Advertising Software

  • Industry Specific Content Management Software development

  • Marketing Automation Application development for Email, SMS, Social Media and Messaging Platforms!

  • Migrating your old Advertising Bidding software to new Cloud applications with RTB and Real time Media Buying (Ad Tech Software applications)

  • Are you seeking Innovation Marketing and Advertising software apps for your domain but don’t know where to start? Let us be your innovation center so that you can focus on what you do the best and serve your customers!

  • Client SEO SAN DIEGO, Adwords, PPC, Social Media, Content creation and Management Software (For Medium to Large Agencies)

2. Bringing existing Enterprise application to Cloud (Cloud Migration )


Move to the Cloud WITHOUT disrupting your existing Customers. Let us do the heavy lifting

  • We will study your entire business to come up with a product strategy to align with your business strategy

  • Create New Channels for your Customers to add more value, increase LTV of your customers and for new customer Acquisition!

  • Safe Gaurd your Enterprise Technology Company by bringing yourself up to speed with Latest Cloud Computing Technologies

  • Migrate only Customer data, let us do it for you!

  • Protect business against new players.

  • Protect business by Automating your Entire Application LifeCycle and business lifecycle.

  • Let us take your Monolithic Applications and turn them into Scalable, Secure and Available Applications on Cloud!

 3. Business Process Automation/Innovation using Cloud and IT


Automate and Innovate Business Processes:

  • Reduce IT spending by Automating 90-99% of business process regardless of your industry

  • Build Scalable Systems that can adapt to your changing business and business strategy!

  • Reduce backoffice and data entry operations

  • Make a Product out of your Business Process and start offering as a product to other businesses such as yours!

  • Bring Entire Business Process to Cloud by writing API’s, moving away from Monolithic Applications

 4. Bringing Agile Innovation as a Strategy to Enterprise Companies!

Is Slow Product and Customer Development haunting you? Hire an Agile Startup Team for your Business!


  • Use IT Innovation as your Competitive Edge by always being on top of your Competitors with new research and technology development

  • Test your Product ideas, New Markets, Hypothesis without Spending Millions of Dollars!

  • Let us help you manage risk of new development and hiring new teams!

  • Get Product Demo’s in weeks not months! Test ideas by Introducing new Products to influencers/Internal Teams

  • Make your business more Agile. Let us manage Agile for you so that new companies can’t undercut your advantage!