Social Media Management

Social Media is not the same anymore. You can’t create boring content and expect people to engage in your social media assets. Think about it, if someone’s house is flooding, will they be going to social media to find a flood restoration company? NO 🙂 They will go to Google and that’s why most of the searches happen on Google.

Saying that, social media can play an important part for certain businesses, for e.g. my favorite food truck posting what is the special in my facebook feed definitely helps me. Posts from my favorite outdoor venues, clubs, hotels etc are also things that I might find attractive and engaging. But if you are a business like plumbing or a furniture business, then you still have to manage your social media because it helps in rankings and tells Google that you are a business who cares about customers and you want to inform your customers via various channels.

What is the best time to post on social media – digital marketing tips for small business

Appmakery helps you build and manage your social media by:

  1. Creating Natural, Engaging, beautiful content for your posts
  2. Posting regularly to signal Google about the freshness of your pages
  3. Running campaigns to existing customers to ask them to engage on your pages (to get likes)

Appmakery Design Process Why Appmakery is different from just another web development firm?

We really care about the success of your tech venture, and that's why we know the importance of spending time studying your business goals and really understand what is possible and what is not!
We want to build web products which are loved by users. That is the key principle we use while building the apps for you. Every single touch point of your customers are studied carefully to design desirable experiences!
In the end, the goal of making technology is to make it accessible to users. User friendliness is a science and we live and breath user friendly apps. We help you execute your product marketing plan, study users, engagements, adoption and other such factors to make it continuously more accessible to users.

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