WOM – Word of mouth software for smb’s

Word of mouth marketing software

WOM is a cloud based word of mouth marketing software used by businesses to generate online reviews and foster word of mouth. WOM was acquired by a multinational company in 2015.

Some of the technical Highlights:

  1. YII php framework for the web application
  2. Google Enterprise API integration
  3. Yelp API, localeeze and other API integrations
  4. Twillio for SMS text marketing
  5. Scrapping tools for monitoring and scrapping reviews from the web
  6. Yext Integration
  7. Callfire Integration to Track Calls

Some of the components of this software:

  1. Local listings management
  2. Local SEO software
  3. Social Leads from facebook and twitter
  4. Text Marketing
  5. Domain registration
  6. Website launcher
  7. Coupons management
  8. Loyalty software
  9. Email marketing software

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