Text.me – A messaging system for businesses with Facebook Messenger

Start Talking to customers, get more customers

The idea has existed for a while, but now text.me can be real because FACEBOOK HAS MADE MESSENGER ACCESSIBLE!!!

We can now build bot applications to automate lot of the mundane questions that people have to find out by scrolling and clicking lot of information and then actively finding out more for real time information. With text.me now businesses can speak to 100’s and 1000’s of customers at a time and serve them in a conversational way!

For e.g. I am driving around downtown with my gf, we see a place through the windows, we wonder…We do the usual- open up Google/Yelp start searching and locating. What if I could just open up messenger and search for that place (or even better bots just geo-located already!) and ask “for 2 single people, is this fun?” Answer comes back: “Yes, I think so if you are into spanish flamenco music and wine”…..I continue….I ask “how much will cost?” Answer: “About 100-150 for 2 with a 3 course meal that you can share”…… “Sounds Great”

Although above is a great idea, one critique would be that it hides users for 10 different options (that might be better) – that our eyes can peruse quickly, but then that’s a different argument.

Regardless of its application, I think text.me is a great addition to any business to save time and money. One way to use this by geofencing the users to deliver in-store customer service or purchase options and streamline purchasing? If you are building such a location aware app, always consider the various location data available for you. Factual provides No Strings Attached access to data to build and test applications.

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