Medcinity, Medical testing from the comfort of your home

At home healthcare Testing

Medcinity is a at home convenient healthcare testing website where anyone can order tests such as testosterone test, lipid test, STD tests etc . Medcinity was built on OpenCart platform because of it’s scalability, security and other features that were needed by the Client.

Medcinity platform allows 3 way API calls between end user,  PWN Network and the labs (to send patient data and collect patient test results). We also developed Med API for new labs and Doctors network to plugin Medcinity easily.

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Medcinity had been business for about 8 months before Appmakery was brought into the project. They had a pretty healthy PR campaign going on and they were getting signups pretty regularly.

Tasks that we were given:


  1.  To build a Scalable platform where Medcinity’s current tests as well as new tests can be added seamlessly to connect with the Patient Wellness Network and The Labs who did testing and provided the testing results for the patients who visit Medcinity
  2. To pick the right technology for the business
  3. Build a Scalable Roadmap that took immediate as well as future goals into consideration.
  4. Build a Right Product Strategy to support the business goals
  5. Implement the marketing SEO plan that was given to us by their team
  6. Migrate their older platform that supported the current business into the new Platform.

Technologies we worked with:

Php, Ecommerce Framework (OpenCart), Plugin Customizations, AWS, Bitnami, API creation, Mysql, Balsamiq, Draw, PivotTables, Excel, WordPress, Woocommerce etc

  • We chose OpenCart as the choice of platform since opencart is a very safe platform which is very easily extensible. 
  • We chose AWS as our hosting platform as it provides HIPPA compliance Guidance as a cost saving alternative to expensive hosting platforms to start with.
  • Talk to the team who worked on it by saying Medcinity in the chat window on the right corner of any page.

Results that we achieved:

  1.  We were able to Drive their IT costs by $100k in 6 months

  2.  We were able to pick the right platform to develop their product which gave them a headstart over their competitors when it comes to scaling with more labs and partners
  3. We were able to optimize their ad spend and increase conversions with the new redesign of their home page
  4. We were able to stream business operations by bringing Dev, Marketing, Orders, Fullfillment and Customer Support under one platform.
  5. We gave them ongoing support and strategy help to continue to dominate their market before getting acquired



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