How do I get Online Reviews?

Most local searches start at Google (except for niche sites such as tripadvisor, etc who have their own organic traffic).

If you own products, then you can add Amazon to that list as well. What these companies basically do is survey your customers and ask them leave a review at Google, Yelp etc.

But Recent Algorithms of Google and Yelp doesn’t allow such third party reviews, or are at least filtered a lot, which means businesses now need to organically grow their reviews, without attempting to influence too many of customers to write reviews.

Appmakery helps you with Online Reviews and Reputation Management of your Google search. Some of the things we do are:

1) Find out Key Influencers/ happy customers/ Yelpers every month and provide them the tools necessary to write yelp reviews
2) Find out what the frequency of reviews  that should be on this listing (from various channels such as email reach out, text reachout and other techniques)
3) Start redirecting the unhappy customers to the business so that they can be made happy, respond to negative reviews in a way that makes them remove their negative review
4) Monitor the Syndication to adjust strategy and continue to Syndicate positive reviews on Yelp until the desired Ratings are achieved.
5) Try to burry the Yelp listing as a last measure
6) Create a Review Website with good mix of positive reviews and negative reviews, highlighting various service areas etc and then making the review website rank front page of Google
7) Collect Video reviews and upload to youtube to make them rank on front page (to burry yelp review or other negative reviews)

How do I get Customers to review by business on Google?

1) Just remind them?
2) Keep in touch with them through emails, and if they are too happy, then ask them to share their experience online on Google My Business

Can you Offer Incentives for Google Reviews?

Yes and No. You can’t pay them for reviews, but you might offer them something for being active online. You can’t directly influence their reviews, in fact, Google now detects these review automation tools and makes sure to flag those reviews.

How do you ask for Good Feedback?

You can’t! Period!

Can Google Reviews be Removed?

Yes, if they are reported to be inaccurate, personal or not related to the business that is reviewed.

Are fake review Illegal?

Yes! Fake Reviews are Illegal according to FTC, and you might end up paying hefty fines for it

How do I deal with a bad review?

Respond to the review and take care of your customer. If your customer is delighted, they might decide to change the review or change the star ratings on their reviews.