How long and how much does it take to build a B2C or B2B Enterprise App?

Answer: It depends on the kind of app you want to launch. Here’s some estimates:

i) looking to build an MVP for your consumer app and test the market? About 3 months of work between 25k-50k to produce an awesome app that can be extended and presented to investors.

ii) Already have a business that’s making money and you want to build a scalable version of existing system (by using existing data,  building a completely new Application), then best approach would be hire dedicated teams or pay us fixed monthly amount ranging from 10k to 30k/month to run your entire IT and keep it up and running). This is basically like having an inhouse CTO, Project Manager, Product Manager, 2 Front End people (UI/UX), 2 Backend Engineers who follow the development standards of Top startup companies.

iii) You are IT company looking to develop new products and innovate without building additional teams: We will work with you on your business goals and reduce your IT and Innovation costs to develop your new products and processes. Some advantages of using Appmakery as your partner in development includes:

  • We will also follow your Product, Development, DevOps and other processes
  • We will use your technology stacks to implement your new product so that you don’t have to retrain your IT teams or hire new IT teams to support the new Product
  • We will create Strategy, Marketing plan and implement it for you
  • We will create a handoff Process to transfer Product Knowledge base and Actual Product back to you (when you decide to do so)
  • Provide you ongoing support anytime you need us to jump in (to either resolve issues or to augment your workforce)

A bit more about cost and other factors that come into calculating cost and time to develop here.

Do you have any NDA’s you sign ? 

No, we believe ideas are not unique, anyone can have ideas. Execution is everything. If Apple protected its ideas of UI/UX, then nobody else would be be able to design apps. If Tinder said, swiping is ours, then noone else can build apps based on swiping.

What we do guarantee is that every single line of code we will write for you, every piece of graphic, process that we create for you, will NEVER be reused by us. Also, we promise not to get into another new APP for another client in the same space. For e.g. if your app is a say a Tinder (dating app based on hot or not) or a linkedin App (Professional social network), then we won’t build a dating app based on hot or not or build another Professional Social network for a year after we have ended your relationship with you (Although we may make specific arrangements with you  in case you need more piece of mind).

Thing is anyone who is promising you more than that is lying to you. We are putting an honest step forward to preserve your idea and maintaining our Integrity at the same time.

What happens if my app becomes big and I need to hire my own teams?

As mentioned above, that is one of the scenarios in the Roadmap that we develop for you and once you reach that stage, we will happily help you with the Team Transition. In fact, we consider ourselves successful if you reach this stage and our soul goal at Appmakery is to help every company reach that stage. Your success is much more than just a number for us!

What happens if I am not satisfied with the development and the work?

It’s pretty much impossible that is the case. We are very transparent about what we do, how we do it, what the final delivery will look like (even before the project starts). You should get a very deep idea about what we are up to, the coding standards, planning standards etc, that we follow for you.  Any doubts about our capabilities should occur before the project begins. If you are not happy about our commitment to the project, even after we deliver the results, then we are happy to refer you to our competitor (all our friends are our competitors, our friends own similar businesses)



1) What is All – in – ONE ? Are you the only one? Why did I find you using keyword “SEO San Diego” ?

All in One as in the only solution that provides everything from website design, to seo, to crm to payment solutions and new apps with the ever changing technology landscape.
We are probably not the only one, but we haven’t found one for our price.
We decided to change course, we have been building small business software for startups since 2009, during this process, we worked on numerous solutions for small businesses, and our team has seen the evolution of small business and technology landscape. We decided to get into this business because we found a need for custom agency that knows software and that can be afforded by small businesses. Now coming to “san diego seo company” keyword, that’s just because most small businesses it seems are searching for this kind of service, it’s our way of testing ourselves to rank for completely new set of keywords as well as reaching new customers (just like we will for you).

2)  So, if tomorrow Google doesn’t exist or anything happens, you guys will still figure it out?

Exactly! In the end, businesses will exist for a long time and we all will find each other one way or the other (at least until we become robots 
 because Appmakery doesn’t rely on any single company or ecosystem, and we are a team of engineers, we will figure out what your business will need and help you use that technology.

3) What else do I need besides SEO? Do I really need anything else?

Google My business, Local SEO, Content Marketing, Online Reviews, Chatbots, Social Media Management, Press, Branding Material, Email and Text Marketing are some of the services provided by us.

4) I started losing ranking on some keywords, why is that?

Did you recently make any updates to the website? For e.g. Appmakery recently decided to change all its keywords and website focused on “App development Company” to SEO, web design and small business technology. This makes all our previous rankings go away as Google is now reading the new title tags. May be your competition is beating you with fresh content, reviews, third party content, blogs, etc. That’s why I give an example to most of our customers, if you are not in this for the long run, then I don’t want you as my customer. The last thing we want is all our hardwork is done, now you cancel and someone else takes credit for our work!
There are many reasons for rankings, that’s why there is a good keyword strategy needed for all the businesses. There are many negative things lots of agencies these days do, for e.g. by offering cookie cut review platforms which don’t care about the fact that Google or Yelp or any review site for that matter will never like a flow of reviews due to some automated campaigns.
It’s important that your SEO company knows how to create a seo strategy. Also it’s important to make your SEO DATA DRIVEN, instead of randomly doing whatever you want and hoping for the best. Chances are you have used a lot of SEO companies before and they all did something for you, and you have noway of tracking each change the affects of those changes. That’s why it’s important that 1 digital marketing / technology company provides you all the solutions you need.

5) My Yelp Reviews are being filtered, is there any solution to this?

Yes, there is something you can do. Yelp reviews are filtered because of their algorithms, yelp doesn’t want companies to game their platform, write positive reviews, negative reviews or any reviews which are not real. As app developers, I can guarantee you that gaming a platform owned by someone else is really hard. Even if you are successful, it’s not possible to sustain those efforts.
Saying that, Appmakery developers have developed ways to be in front of your customers, identify influencer customers, and come up with unique algorithms for getting in front of the right customers at the right time so that they can review your business on Yelp!

6) How can I get more reviews on Google my business, is that going to contribute to my local rankings?

You can get more Google reviews by simply letting your customers know that you exist on Google. A lot of customers will write reviews for your business without you saying anything to them 
 Also, it helps to stay in touch with customers and get feedback, because when you do that, you can probably detract unhappy customers from writing their reviews.

7) I am already using Yext, or similar service. Do I still need someone else?

Appmakery is the only solution for small businesses at one small monthly subscription. We are app developers who have built digital marketing solutions for companies such as Yext, and others. Our team has built everything from website builder software, local directories such as yelp, email marketing software, online review software, texting platform for businesses, CRM software for small businesses.
So, do you want to use companies who sell you such services by keeping “account managers” who use those software (most times ineffectively) (also often referred to as SEO Agency or “software company” because they know you will not buy their services if you know they are NOT a software company)…. or do you want to buy the real deal from the real people? Choice is yours, money is yours and time is yours. If you wanr MORE for LESS, then schedule a chat with an Engineer.

8) Are your prices more or less than other companies?

What we provide, will run you 1000’s of dollars each month. What they (other services) provide is already causing you harm, because, we say that again, these guys don’t care about your business, neither are they technology driven. You are better off hiring interns and paying them hourly wage. We are so sure about our software, services and our price, that we are willing to offer our services for free if you EVER find another service that can do what we do for this price.

9) What kind of businesses do you work with?

When we built apps, we have had Microsoft as our customer. Now that we serve small businesses, we work with any kind of small business ranging from restaurants, plumbers, doctors, lawyers, insurance companies, pet services, cleaning services and many others. We have built software in the past which has been used by over 100,000 businesses.

10) What is the typical return on investment ?

It depends on your industry and the lifetime value of each customer we either SAVE or attract for you.
For e.g. if you are a doctor, each NEW CUSTOMER can mean $10,000 to $50,000 or more in business for you.
If you are a doctor with bad reviews on Google that every potential customer is looking at, then we might be saving you few thousands everytime a good review causes your potential customer to turn into an Actual customer.

11) Do I have to pay for the website separately? What if I want a new website or I want to add pages?

No! We will design your beautiful website, logo and pages, all included in the subscription fee. Need more pages? We will add more pages to grow your site, but if you decide you want to describe something new on the website, just simply pick up your phone or tablet and email us what you want. No extra charge ever for anything. We will even redesign and build you a new website everytime we feel it’s time for a change. In addition we will also build you separate website for reviews, we are inventors of what is called a “review website”

12) Why are you called Appmakery? 

We are a bunch of app developers, we all have been building systems together since 2006. Our company built a lot of apps for different businesses and startups. During that time, we have worked on a lot of digital marketing and small business software. Comes 2018, we decided to get into the business because small businesses lack a quality company that will back them with technology. And that’s why we have made the service so affordable, that pretty much anyone can afford it and you can pretty much forget about Tech from that point.
Everything on the web you see is an app. We make apps and use it for our business and for other businesses such as yours. For e.g website builder, marketing automation software, process automation software etc. We use open source code which we can have rights for forever (instead of depending on a company that might go out of business)

13)  How long does it take for my business to Rank No 1 for All Keywords on Google?

If someone told you an exact answer to this, they would be lying! But generally, depending on your business health (online), it can take anywhere from 3-6 for some keywords, and increments of 6 months for high competition keywords. It is definitely possible to beat any company at seo, yes you heard us! You can compete for literally any keyword and start getting traffic for those keywords. It takes time, organic effort and a really quality campaign to make that happen!

14) Is there a guarantee? What if I don’t rank after 1 year?

Ok, so you are referring to SEO and we understand that it is been a year since we are working and you still haven’t ranked for some of the keywords. Just to put that in context, it took us 2 years to rank for some of the keywords we wanted to rank for, and this is what we do for a living! SEO, as you know is dependent on so many things. We usually first come up with a SEO strategy before we start working, and we make sure we progressively rank you for various keywords. Although, when it’s impossible to rank for some of the main keywords that you want to rank for, we do suggest some other strategies which are known to be effective. For e.g. a targeted paid campaigns, targeted content campaigns and other strategies.

15)  What if I have multiple locations?

We love working on businesses with multiple locations since there is a lot more challenge involved in managing all the locations.  We also offer discounts to businesses with multiple locations. One of the most interesting things about having multiple locations is that you can compare performance and activity of various locations, to see what is working and what is not. You will be able to see that same strategy for one location might not work for another location. It’s really important to pick the areas and targeting radius correctly, as well as defining services in each of those areas.

16) How many reviews will my business get each month?

Hi there! looks like you are asking about your Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor and other reviews of your business? Each business is unique and deserves it’s own review strategy depending on the situation of that business. There is no single answer such as 5 reviews a month, 10 review per month, although we are aware of companies who promise such services. Such companies will hurt your business and reputation in the long run.
At Appmakery, we treat your business uniquely, devise a review strategy and make sure we use the right processes to deliver you the right results.

17) Will I get all the 10 services every month?

No, that’s not how it works. What we do depends on the strategy and at some point we will touch all of the services your business will need, sometimes a combination of few to start with, touching upon others, connecting all of them in a coordinated fashion. There are a lot of agencies out there who think they can “blast” content or put everything they have in one shot out there on the web, but such activities are not sustainable, and they rarely (if ever) produce long term results.

18) How many people are working on my account?

At a given time, we have 2 engineers assigned to your account PLUS the founder of our company keeps a close eye on your account. He makes sure the strategy is correct and personally comes up with solutions to prioritize and handle what is most important first. In addition, we also have

19) Do I pay for hosting ?

No, you never pay for any additional service, platform fee or anything else except for those stated under “what is not covered”.

20) What is not covered?

You will pay for your own marketing budget (in case you are planning to use paid marketing). You will also pay separately for any special services or fees that need to be paid for integrating into legacy systems. For e.g. if you are a doctor and you want to use a EMR system, then you will have to pay for the specialized EMR platform fee. We obviously can’t get into building unique platforms for each type of business, but we will study your business needs and find out the best solution for you. Similarly, there are some limits to all the other platforms we provide so that our system is not abused, but as long as you are a regular business, with a normal size of customer base, you are usually covered.

21) How long do I need your service for?

You will remain healthy and look good  until you keep going to gym and until you keep eating healthy! It’s simple. If you asked any successful business how long they keep their efforts up, their answer will be “forever”, because your efforts to look good online can never stop as long as your business lasts. Instead of hiring broken solutions managed by multiple people, many of which will be bought by other companies to make more profit of you, hire a organic agency like Appmakery. We treat your business uniquely, according to your situation, making a strategy for everything we do for you, thinking that we are going to serve you forever.

22) How are you able to provide all this for such a low price, there has to be some catch?

We have a very low overhead, most of the people working are partners, and almost every single person in our company is a shareholder. This makes work exciting for all of us and we are fully committed to your success and hence our success.
Also, we build technology, we automate processes, we have been building software for business like you for 10 years, and that’s why we are able to do all this without much investment (except for our time).

23) I want an app for my small business, can you help me?

Appmakery was a App Development Company, we are all app builders. But we are well connected to friends who develop apps. If we find that your business really does need an app, we will refer your app to one of our friends and help you plan and develop it.

24) Can you send me a strategy document before I sign up with you?

Sure, but the problem is, strategy is the “real deal” that Appmakery provides. If we give away our secret or teach you how to operate, then we will be giving away 100’s of years of combined experience of our team. We know that you have been burned before, and that is the whole reason we changed course, to help businesses like you compete and to make every dollar of yours go a long way. Our founder is involved in every small business strategy session, and we are slowly making everyone as good as our founder. So give us a chance, let us do the magic and if we make you happy, then let us keep the strategy a secret (although we will talk to you about it 

25) Can you help me do EMAIL BLASTS? Can I get new customers using Email Marketing?

Email blast is a very old concept that doesn’t really work anymore. Instead what you can do is utilize existing customers to generate a great word of mouth marketing program to get referral customers. I am not saying that you can’t get new customers using email marketing, but small business email marketing rarely works and the conversions are extremely poor. Think about it, have you ever talked to a customer who said he read an email sent by your “Email Blast ” ?? No!

26) What kind of Competitor Monitoring do you provide?

There are various things you need track about competitors, their strategy, what they are doing, what they are ranking for, other activities that is leading to more customers for them etc. You can also see what customers are saying about your competitors, where they can improve, where your service area can improve in general.

28) What kind of Survey Software or Feedback management software do you use?

Appmakery builds software using open source software. That means we own the technology license forever. You might be using a digital marketing company that is reselling the other’s products. When those companies are bought and sold, you are affected and your business is no longer important for that Big Company.
We have our own survey software technology as well as other feedback management software such as NPS collectors, context based surveys, inline surveys.

29) How Do I get Online Reviews for my Business?

Basically there are a bunch of companies out there (our founder was part of one of the 1st online review business) who help you get more reviews on various sites such as Google, Yelp and other places where your businesses are searched for. Most local searches start at Google (except for niche sites such as tripadvisor, etc who have their own organic traffic).
If you own products, then you can add Amazon to that list as well. What these companies basically do is survey your customers and ask them leave a review at Google, Yelp etc.
But Recent Algorithms of Google and Yelp doesn’t allow such third party reviews, or are at least filtered a lot, which means businesses now need to organically grow their reviews, without attempting to influence too many of customers to write reviews.
Appmakery helps you with Online Reviews and Reputation Management of your Google search. Some of the things we do are:
1) Find out Key Influencers/ happy customers/ Yelpers every month and provide them the tools necessary to write yelp reviews
2) Find out what the frequency of reviews  that should be on this listing (from various channels such as email reach out, text reachout and other techniques)
3) Start redirecting the unhappy customers to the business so that they can be made happy, respond to negative reviews in a way that makes them remove their negative review
4) Monitor the Syndication to adjust strategy and continue to Syndicate positive reviews on Yelp until the desired Ratings are achieved.
5) Try to burry the Yelp listing as a last measure
6) Create a Review Website with good mix of positive reviews and negative reviews, highlighting various service areas etc and then making the review website rank front page of Google
7) Collect Video reviews and upload to youtube to make them rank on front page (to burry yelp review or other negative reviews)