How long and how much does it take to build a B2C or B2B Enterprise App?

Answer: It depends on the kind of app you want to launch. Here’s some estimates:

i) looking to build an MVP for your consumer app and test the market? About 3 months of work between 25k-50k to produce an awesome app that can be extended and presented to investors.

ii) Already have a business that’s making money and you want to build a scalable version of existing system (by using existing data,  building a completely new Application), then best approach would be hire dedicated teams or pay us fixed monthly amount ranging from 10k to 30k/month to run your entire IT and keep it up and running). This is basically like having an inhouse CTO, Project Manager, Product Manager, 2 Front End people (UI/UX), 2 Backend Engineers who follow the development standards of Top startup companies.

iii) You are IT company looking to develop new products and innovate without building additional teams: We will work with you on your business goals and reduce your IT and Innovation costs to develop your new products and processes. Some advantages of using Appmakery as your partner in development includes:

  • We will also follow your Product, Development, DevOps and other processes
  • We will use your technology stacks to implement your new product so that you don’t have to retrain your IT teams or hire new IT teams to support the new Product
  • We will create Strategy, Marketing plan and implement it for you
  • We will create a handoff Process to transfer Product Knowledge base and Actual Product back to you (when you decide to do so)
  • Provide you ongoing support anytime you need us to jump in (to either resolve issues or to augment your workforce)

A bit more about cost and other factors that come into calculating cost and time to develop here.

Do you have any NDA’s you sign ? 

No, we believe ideas are not unique, anyone can have ideas. Execution is everything. If Apple protected its ideas of UI/UX, then nobody else would be be able to design apps. If Tinder said, swiping is ours, then noone else can build apps based on swiping.

What we do guarantee is that every single line of code we will write for you, every piece of graphic, process that we create for you, will NEVER be reused by us. Also, we promise not to get into another new APP for another client in the same space. For e.g. if your app is a say a Tinder (dating app based on hot or not) or a linkedin App (Professional social network), then we won’t build a dating app based on hot or not or build another Professional Social network for a year after we have ended your relationship with you (Although we may make specific arrangements with you  in case you need more piece of mind).

Thing is anyone who is promising you more than that is lying to you. We are putting an honest step forward to preserve your idea and maintaining our Integrity at the same time.

What happens if my app becomes big and I need to hire my own teams?

As mentioned above, that is one of the scenarios in the Roadmap that we develop for you and once you reach that stage, we will happily help you with the Team Transition. In fact, we consider ourselves successful if you reach this stage and our soul goal at Appmakery is to help every company reach that stage. Your success is much more than just a number for us!

What happens if I am not satisfied with the development and the work?

It’s pretty much impossible that is the case. We are very transparent about what we do, how we do it, what the final delivery will look like (even before the project starts). You should get a very deep idea about what we are up to, the coding standards, planning standards etc, that we follow for you.  Any doubts about our capabilities should occur before the project begins. If you are not happy about our commitment to the project, even after we deliver the results, then we are happy to refer you to our competitor (all our friends are our competitors, our friends own similar businesses)