Digital Marketing Solutions from Appmakery San Diego

Appmakery provides turnkey digital marketing solutions for Small and Medium sized businesses to acquire, retain and generate loyal customers for their business. In the past, we have helped 100’s of businesses launch their apps, and they all found us by using Google search! Due to very high demand in people asking us to provide SEO services, we have started Appmakery Digital Marketing Solutions. Since launch last year, we have already helped 100’s of local businesses attract customers, get reviews from those customers and make sure we stay in touch with those customers using technology.


  1. Your Website
  2. Your Google Search Listing (Web, Mobile, other devices)
  3. Your Local search listings
  4. Your Reviews
  5. Manage Technology for you


Why Appmakery ?

Dedicated – not for the 1000’s, never will be!

Engineers working on your account, not account managers

We will adapt with the technology, others won’t be able to

We take the results personally, there is literally nothing we won’t do when it comes to helping you use technology to grow your business.

In business since 8 years, very few companies are around for so long, there is a reason why we are alive and well!

Appmakery Design Process Why Appmakery is different from just another web development firm?

We really care about the success of your tech venture, and that's why we know the importance of spending time studying your business goals and really understand what is possible and what is not!
We want to build web products which are loved by users. That is the key principle we use while building the apps for you. Every single touch point of your customers are studied carefully to design desirable experiences!
In the end, the goal of making technology is to make it accessible to users. User friendliness is a science and we live and breath user friendly apps. We help you execute your product marketing plan, study users, engagements, adoption and other such factors to make it continuously more accessible to users.

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