Application and Data:

React, React Native, PHP, Python, Javascript, Memcached, Cassandra, Tornado, GraphQL, Relay, Presto, Buck, Yoga, Node js, Express js, Mongo DB, Various UI libraries, Swift, C#


Appmakery Core programming languages
Appmakery Tech Stack , Server side
Appmakery Tech Stack Client library
Appmakery Tech stack Client libraries
appmakery tech stack server side
server side technologies

Current Stack (React):


Application Architectures:

We practice and preach  MicroServices Architecture which is used by 100% of world’s top tech companies. Learn how Appmakery can migrate your Monolithic Applications to the Cloud using Microservices architecture to make your business scalable and resilient.


Appmakery Cloud Services Stack
Appmakery Cloud Services


Google Cloud platform services with Appmakery
Appmakery and Google Cloud Partnership

Server and Hosting:


AWS Infrastructure for deploying, scaling and storage. Google Cloud platform. We also take your legacy applications and innovate them by rethinking them and by deploying them on Cloud.

1. Find out how IT industry is becoming Cloud first.

2. How IT companies who are not part of value chain of your business will disappear! So pick an IT partner who can bring IT INNOVATION AS YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE.


Management Tools:  

Data Dog, jenkins, Chef, New Relics, Pingdom, Beanstalk, Github, Gitflow, GA, Heap etc…


Communication tools:

Slack, Skype, Gmail, Good old phone,, Webx, MailChimp, Drift, InfusionSoft etc

 API Integrations :


Google maps, Google adwords, Geolcation, Twillio, Yelp, DynaDot, API AI, WIT AI, mailchimp, factual, Shopify and numerous other API’s, datadog, NewRelics, Heap, Google Analytics, Salesforce. We also build and maintain API’s.

One of our advisors is currently working on an platform that helps you pick the right API for your Tech company.