Vijay. is founder and CEO at Appmakery. After Working at Big companies such as IBM, DELL, Microsoft, Vijay decided to build and grow startups. In the process, he created 2 successful startups with 50 Million Plus in Annual Revenues (from Scratch). He operates Appmakery to satisfy his curiosity and to learn new technologies. He loves helping tech businesses by setting Product Vision, User Experience Execution, Team Building and Innovation. His latest interests include Bots and Machine Learning. Vijay has a Bachelors in Computer Science from AIT, a Stanford Dropout, someday plans to complete his MBA.

  • Maheshwari Movva Miss Movva is a cofounder of Appmakery, serving as a Chief Strategy Officer at Appmakery.  As an Experienced Senior Strategy Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in strategy, senior leadership engagement, driving decisions in matrix organisations, and leadership. Movva has double masters from renowned schools of India (BITS PILANI) She loves helping businesses of all sizes achieve their full potential using his wealth of experience working at Fortune 500 companies.
  • Siddhart Panicker:, Cofounder at Appmakery, Data scientist at Informatica., former software engineer at Unity Technologies Seattle
  • Remiz R. Remiz is Cofounder and CTO at Appmakery.   A verteran programmer, who has worked on variety of SAAS and software projects (some notable clients include Microsoft) (and industries from Ecommerce to Digital Marketing, School software, Healthcare software, etc). Remiz loves learning new technologies, but most of his time is spent on solving complex problems for our Clients). Remiz has a Bachelors in Computer Science.
  • Nikita Zhiltsov (AI, NLP expert) (Visit LInkedin) Nikita is a AI consultant, who brings his experience of NLP, Machine Learning to Appmakery Clients. Recently Nikita joined one of the biggest Search Companies in Russia as a Data Scientist. He continues to engage with Appmakery on most projects and someday plans to move to U.S to join us Full time. Nikita has a Phd in Computer Data Processing.
  • Natasha D (Visit Linkedin) Natausha decided to join us as an Intern, before settling down into a Full time BizDev Role with Appmakery. She is always available for clients as a point of contact and is very good at translating real world requirements into software requirements. Her interests include Yoga, Health and Wellness and SnapChatting 🙂
  • Naveen – CMO and Partner

Archana Panicker: MBA, Indian School of Business. Account manager at Atlassian

Rachit Rawat: PHD in Electronic Design, Chip designer at Cadence Systems.

Simran Sangha: MBA, Consultant at KPMG

MATT G: BS Computer Science, Head of Creative

Vijay Jetty: MS Computer Science, Programmer,UI, UX

S Jose: BS Computer Science, Programmer, UI, UX