1) When did we start?


2) Where?

San Diego (SEO).

3) Who are the team members?

And Why choose appmakery for SEO?

Our team is made of strategists, programmers, data scientists and other such people who love what they do, we are spread across 4 different time zones and we are open 24 hours”

Sanjay Sista:  Partner. Strategist at Thomson Reuters, MS, MBA I.E Business School Spain.

Siddhart Panicker: Data scientist at Informatica.

Archana Panicker: MBA, Indian School of Business. Account manager at Atlassian

Rachit Rawat: PHD in Electronic Design, Chip designer at Cadence Systems.

Simran Sangha: MBA, Consultant at KPMG

MATT G: BS Computer Science, Head of Creative

Remiz : BS, Computer Science, Chief Technical Officer

Vijay: MS Computer Science, Programmer,UI, UX

S Jose: BS Computer Science, Programmer, UI, UX

Nikita: PHD Computer Science, Data Scientist, Machine learning expert

Mathis 17 year old programmer, Bot developer, programmer

Natasha: Executive Assistant

Ajay Jetty: Chief strategy officer

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