Is your Website Dead?
If your answer to one of these questions is No, then your website is probably dead:

  • Does your website change less than 10 times a month?
  • Do you write at least 4-5 researched blogs per month?
  • Do you provide Answers to Questions that potential customers (and current customers) are searching for (on your website?)
  • Does your Home page always change almost everyday? (through fresh social content)
  • Your Website shows up if you Google your Business Name (and not competitors or other websites)?
  • Does your Google listing come up if you Google your Website name?
  • Are you always adding pages to your website?
  • Do you convert all the Website traffic into Customers?
  • Does your Website have a Low Bounce Rate?

Most Businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars on their website, paying for hosting, their website company, but they don’t know their website is as good as dead.
Your Website simply isn’t making you money, and isn’t looking the way it should look when people open them on Mobile Phones.
On top of that, it never shows up when people are searching for answers to their questions.
Your customers still see the blog written from 2019 and 2018 or even earlier!
HIT REPLY if you would like to change that! Content is a long term process and we have to understand your business, and build this relationship with you , forever, to produce good content that ranks and content that people actually care to read (or skim).
If you invest in content strategies today, you will beat your competition and always stay on top, organically.
That’s why Appmakery always ranks on top few results when you Google “san diego seo company” “seo san diego company”, we don’t do anything for our marketing! No backlinks, no tactics! Just simple plain , good old content on the website!

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