Google Wants Businesses to HIRE SEO’s

Ever since I have known Google and SEO, Google has always advised against SEOs. Yes!
Google never wanted you to “game” the search results, to influence searches.
SEO, in the end, let’s accept it, is a game, and we have to play it to win it against our competitors.
SEO is literally changing everyday, more than 100 updates are rolled out by Google (and many other unknown updates that only SEO’s can track because we have data).
In case you missed my last email, you know Google launched “Local services by Google”. Is that not gaming the search results?

Here’s the Video link above (click the image above)
At the end of this Video, for the 1st time ever! Google says you should hire an SEO!
What does this mean?
Does it mean that Google is finally validating the $10 Billion Dollar SEO industry?
Or basically it’s saying “Buckle up Businesses”, you are in for a ride, and it’s better that you let someone else handle the stress of SEO?
IF you have been following me for a while, then you know that I recommend SEO for many reasons, because SEO’s side effect is a GREAT BRAND, which your business must build, in order to get you the returns you are looking for!
I am going to spare you today and not go on a rant about this, although my fingers are itching and can’t stop typing (I don’t even proof read anymore when I write these emails).
Are you looking for an SEO? HIT REPLY, Have a great Friday, I hope your wishes come true soon.
Have a great weekend.

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