The Value of Customer Reviews for Local Businesses

Good Morning to West Coast Business Owners, Afternoon to East Coast Friends!
Everyday, I analyze myself and try to do make changes to my behaviors. I have said this before: One of the hardest things I am grappling with these days is to not say “Yup” “right right” “Um” “Yes” when people are talking to me. I realized I have been doing this for so long that it’s really hard to control unconsciously.

Even though it might seem natural to do so, studies show that people unconsciously don’t like people who can’t listen silently.
Then, when someone is done speaking, wait for two seconds before responding. They might not be done yet. And it gives you time to think of a response. If you are thinking of a response while they are talking, then you aren’t listening to them.

I have acquired another new habit that I need to get rid of: I check my phone too often, in fact I am always next to it.
I just noticed that my Girlfriend is also the same and I just also realized that we don’t even talk that much except for when we need to and I don’t know if this is good.


So today, I wanna see if you click on my link to see the quick infographic I posted a while ago.

I actually already know the results, but if you give me a click today, I will go back to the original routine, I know for a fact that getting information from emails is much easier. (than clicking away)

What these posts describe is how many reviews people care to read about a business before doing business with you (industry wise).
Also, if you are looking for a sustainable way to get content on your web properties, then CGC (customer generated content is the way to go).
Couple of days ago, we talked about Yelp, and how it impacts business owners. But, Reviews in general are very important, and Google Reviews are even more important.

Nobody cares about reviews written few months or year ago. Constant flow of reviews is needed in order to get local customers.
Very good (or bad) reviews have a way of quickly spreading. Encouraging consumers to review your company is an easy way to expand your brand’s reach. When people have good things to say, they are also more likely to share their reviews on more sites, including external websites like Yelp, FourSquare, and TripAdvisor.

At Appmakery, we try to find unique ways to get your customer content online.
For e.g. we find out influencers, we might ask them to share videos and share that online, every other month. We might even ask you to send us pictures of written reviews so that we can post that online (always fresh content so that potential customers can see this when they google you).
Either way, Customer Reviews and CGC should be something you shouldn’t ignore.

As I was about to end this email, I couldn’t help myself, I can’t just end the email without giving you something to take away, so here it is, just for fun:

General Online Review Stats

  1. 97% of people read reviews for local businesses. (BIA/Kelsey)
  2. 90% of respondents who recalled reading online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influenced buying decisions, while 86 percent said buying decisions were influenced by negative online reviews. (Dimensional Research)
  3. 91% of 18-34 year olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  4. 93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions.
  5. 89% of consumers read businesses’ responses to reviews.
  6. 93% of people who use mobile to research go on to complete a purchase of a product or service. Most purchases happen in physical stores. (Google/Nielson)
  7. 3.3 is the minimum star rating of a business consumers would engage with
  8. 68% of consumers will leave a review if asked. (BrightLocal)

The Value of Positive Reviews

  1. one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue. (Harvard Business School)
  2. Customers are willing to spend 31% more on a business with excellent reviews.
  3. 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review (

The Cost of Negative Reviews

  1. 94% say an online review has convinced them to avoid a business.
  2. Only 13% of consumers will consider using a business that has a 1 or 2 star rating. (SearchEngineLand)
  3. Four out of five consumers have changed their minds about a recommended purchase after reading negative online reviews.
  4. Businesses risk losing as many as 22% of customers when just one negative article is found by users considering buying their product. If three negative articles pop up in a search query, the potential for lost customers increases to 59.2%.

I started out this post by saying I wanna do something different, but I ended up doing pretty much the the same thing. Excuse me please.

As always, I must ask you to HIT REPLY if you need my help.
Thank you for your time, have a GREAT rest of the week.

Catch you tomorrow!

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