Let me begin by telling you, that I sold a company that had more software than BirdEye in 2014 (before Bird Eye Started)

Just for Context, BirdEye is a review management platform for businesses, so that you can generate more reviews from your customers.

It has raised over $50M, just so that it can create some software that will be obsolete in 2-3 years, but their entire sales pitch is their software. The founders are MBA’s who pretty much dreamed up starting this business because they saw the industry was good and they can capture market share (already sounds like they lack soul ?)

They now have to acquire so many customers to justify their business and to answer their Investors, that you, the Customer, is just another little number for them.

Again, I was one of them. There are many reasons I got out of the VC game, and trying to run after thousands of businesses, even though, I actually had meaningful software (unlike Birdeye) that businesses can use (I still own similar software). For e.g. you could send smart campaigns by pushing some buttons, launch a review page yourself in minutes, buy more domains to promote your reviews, etc etc.

But I realized that cookie cut solutions go only so far to help the customers. Yes, some of them get lucky and get customers because of using this kind of software service, but that’s like paying $399 for eating just 1 meal, when you can stay for a week in front of the beach for the same price at Appmakery.

Coming back to the point, I realized that cookie cut solutions just don’t work.
The Birdeye reviews site for e.g. their URL which shows up on Google, is a really really old trick, that I used to in 2011 and 2012.

Nobody reads those reviews. Customers are not dumb, they will never go and read ALL 5 STAR reviews on a random website (compared to Google, Yelp or others)

Even if it provides Reputation Score now (for a few), that’s not a guarantee, and can be replaced by another website literally overnight (with one Google update downgrading the importance of snippet data)

What I realized is SMBs need custom Digital Marketing and Internet Solutions that can help their business by treating them like a separate business – instead of treating them like “Accounts”.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to build a business around a unique service and strategy. So I again partnered with a very successful dating company to build consumer apps for them.

Long story short, in my quest for meaning, I again wanted to come back to SMB world, to help business owners like you. I wanted to see if my idea of a Custom All in ONE Solution exists in the market.

I found out, there isn’t one.

So I decided to Turn Appmakery into a different direction in 2018.
Bird Eye won’t do that. They are in a race, to make money, and prove revenues to investors.

They can’t and won’t innovate for you everyday.
They can’t give personal attention to your business everyday, when you need it.

There are probably 100s of things we will do for you, that they won’t.
For e.g. here’s some of the local seo stuff we do

But for your viewing, I have tried to summarize some of things that we do and they don’t.
AppMakery vs BirdEye
As you can see above, most of the things we do are custom, where as Birdeye has “software” features, that possibly can’t do what needs to be done for your business. Yes, they have account managers, but that’s really just a joke. I am serious!

What you need is a team, and that’s what you get from us, literally, 24/7.
More Importantly, we are not in love with our software or any software. We make software work for your business, rather than falling in love with any one solution.

For e.g. we recommend wordpress for websites, for many reasons, I have talked about this before, I will do so again. Even though we have our own website builder, we won’t want you get locked into a custom software nobody can change later (and that’s what Birdeye Reviews Page is, no matter what they tell try to sell you).

Birdeye will be sold to Demandforce or Intuit, or another such company, so that Intuit can then sell you more software.

Appmakery will never be sold to anyone, and you can talk to me till the end of time.
That’s our promise.

Do I really need to say more or are you going to give Appmakery a try and stop over spending?

Choice is yours, change your strategy by HITTING REPLY to any of our emails.

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