How Technology has changed our lives in the last 10 years. 2010- 2019

I still remember, how I felt, just like all immigrants do I guess.

I was a wild child from my family, I was always rebellious, I always wanted to live in different countries, experience more, do more. I read too much philosophy for my own good from the age of 12 to 18, when most kids are finding girlfriends.

Anything is possible in America, quite literally. You know why?

Because of people like you and me…

Business owners

Because we can start a business in America, solve each others problems.

The ease of doing business makes America Great!

In fact, even the government, IRS, etc are understanding of your business problems. They want you to make money, so that they can get more money from you.

My Dad served the Indian Army in 80s and 90s, and I think he made Rs 4000/month ($80) when I was a kid. I made $10k/month within 3 months of Landing in U.S.

The difference is enormous, Education really can uplift people. But what really has changed people’s lives in a very different way is…drum rolls… no suprises… Internet!

Internet literally is the reason I came to U.S, Internet is the reason I can start a business, Internet is the reason I and you are becoming friends from strangers, everyday!

I am the angry kid in the right 🙂

I still remember 2009, Iphone just came out, I thought that Iphone was some kind of a gimmick, that will fade away.

To be very honest, I was very new to the world of the Internet then (only 4-5 years), most of my early years were spent programming big IBM mainframe machines, or writing some kind of a network protocol for a custom unix operating system.

Yelp just started back then, I still remember the days when yelp used to literally pay people to write reviews, and use to have a lot of fake reviews just to attract new users (and look at them now, they “filter” your reviews, how dare they?)

Chrome was very new in 2009, I think it was launched in the early part of 2009. I still remember my first boss here telling me that I should stop using chrome because it looks weird. Chrome now has 70% market share.

Facebook, was already big, but I wasn’t on it back then. Facebook since then has become so big, that not only I am on it since 2013, but 50% of Americans get their news from Facebook!!

But Internet was already big in 2009, Internet had already passed a crash test, the DotCom burst!

Making websites was already becoming easy in 2009, but I remember agencies used to charge $50k to clients for a website!

Online reviews were still new, especially reviews for businesses such as yours. There used to be product reviews for shoes, furniture and other consumer products, but no local business reviews (or very few).

I told my boss to turn his new website provider company into reviews company and we were a overnight success.

I remember dating apps were still a Taboo in 2009.Comes 2019, Tinder, the new dating app, has about $1B/ year revenue last time I checked, and it’s purely based on subscriptions. No business in the history has created profits as fast as this dating app!

Youtube was still new, now TV is struggling to compete with Youtube and Youtube has taken TV to a different planet, it has opened up a whole new world of media, where people like me and you distribute content and pretty much anyone in the world can consume that content- LIVE!!

Amazon existed, but nobody knew every American will use something ordered from Amazon at least once a month!

Apps were still a new thing in 2009, obviously! The word App was used to describe any computer application, mostly web applications (any website that you use online is basically a web application, for e.g. gmail is a web application).

When I started Appmakery in 2011, the word App was more related to web applications, I had no idea Iphone will make Apps so popular. When people here the word App now, they are usually talking about the Iphone or Android Apps.

Lots of things have changed, and many other things will change.

No matter what the technology landscape will be for the next 10 years, Appmakery wants to be there for you.

I want to go on that 10 year journey with your business.

I want a chance to manage the Internet stuff for your business in these next 10 years.

What you can be assured of is, that your business will be in safe hands, and not in the hands of some newbies or fly-by-nights.

I get to learn something new everyday from you and from different kinds of businesses, and I use all those learnings to help your business.

Going by the statistics, at least 40% of people reading this are immigrants like me, or their parents were.

I want to learn about your story.

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