How we launched a new feature for a hourly workers hiring SAAS platform.

Goal: To figure out what to build next for Appstream, and narrow it down to a feature.

Context: Appstream is a SAAS platform that makes short work of hiring and managing hourly employees. It does that using mobile workflows and smart onboarding of workers who get hired through the platform.

Business Goal(s):

  1. To increase revenue using existing users (in various segments)
  2. Increase retention for business users of the platform

Business Strategy:

  1. We will try to increase revenue by providing more unmet needs of the current customers (and charge them more for usage?)
  2. To increase adoption of the product by existing users 

Product Strategy: Product strategy will be advised by current user data, esp segment data, to identify which category of “hires” will be a best fit to test the idea. Also, strategy will be based on user research, especially based on the data obtained from power users or users that we are personally in touch with on a weekly basis.

  1. In order to achieve organic growth, we will try to introduce sharing into the product.
  2. To increase revenue and adoption, we will build a new feature called “Ask Ref” that instantly starts a messaging sequence to verify references given by a new hire.

Let’s say we pick No.2 initiative to begin with.

How to Validate?

  1. First start with a high-fid prototype, show it to power users, get feedback and iterate on this
  2. Now find out what should be the MVP of this feature and try to build it as fast as possible (this will involve working the devs to adjust roadmaps, schedules etc…)
  3. Launch the feature for subset of the users first (using tools such as launchdarkly) and see the rate of adoption

How to measure Success?

  1. Success of the feature is related to the No. of times this feature is used while onboarding users. So a metric that measures day by day and week by week adoption of Ask Ref will be used.
  2. Ease of use: Can be measured by the number of steps people have completed in the Ask ref sequence. More completions can be attributed to user-friendliness 
  3. Retention: No. of businesses using this feature on a daily basis over a period of time will mean this is a high retention feature

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