Websites have existed on the Internet since 1994 and most websites built were static, surprisingly, they still are. Only now, websites are becoming a little more dynamic, and most businesses now realize that website is a necessary entity. In future (2020s), websites will be completely based on apps (based on apps controlled by users), and websites will become repository of information and something that represents a business’s identity and brand. We are in a perfect spot to launch a business that will remain green and sustainable for next 20 years and in multiple countries (including developing countries India, Brazil etc).

Introducing:  is a scalable web technology to start and grow your business online.

Instead of treating a page like a predesigned template, BI (appmakery) treats web pages as collections of atoms, molecules and blocks which make the page to achieve the design and function the page is required to do for a business.

appmakery 2.0 launched Intelligence into the way websites are build by giving users what works for them by analyzing thousands of other businesses such as theirs.

Some of the existing problems in the industry

  • Poor/Low Quality websites (based on old technologies. for e.g. weebly recently had to rewrite their entire software and other’s will soon have to do so).
  • Websites with very few integrations capabilities and usually have to deal with multiple vendors for multiple features on the site
  • Good websites still costs 10s and thousands of dollars and management of websites still costs money
  • They are not built for businesses and businesses have to really on broken ecosystem to get everything else

Solution: Website Building with

  • Offers simple drag/drop tools to allow building websites in minutes
  • Powerful editor to allow account managers to make changes for customers.
  • Muti-location dashboard administration.
  • App with multiple benefits for administrator and customer
  • Next Generation tools to simplify Ecommerce
  • One in all solution to being appointments, marketing and purchases all under one roof

In addition the features mentioned above, we have about 50-100 features which we are currently working on.


1 and similar (antiquated)

2. (not for businesses, difficult to use, old)

3. (easy to set up but very hard to update, redesign, not optimized the way it should be for businesses)

4. (collection of various broken systems)

5. Few other smaller players (mopro, grid etc) (who are expensive or fully managed)

Here are some of the differentiators:

  • We will be the first one in the industry to use AI  to build intelligent self updating websites (more on this later)
  • They have not yet considered single page interactive dynamic websites (only 1 competitor is currently having such capabilities)
  • Technology isn’t tailored to specific industries; we will develop tools directed to various specific industries.
  • Above all is a holistic solution which easily puts a business online in 10 minutes and starts marketing the business instantly (entire sign up process from creating a website to sending first email or text takes about 10-15 minutes)
  • appmakery will simplify website building like no other tool out there in the market.
  • We will even allow businesses owners to use their website if they start another business (of type of business)
  • appmakery is adaptable and will quickly adapt to changes in Google, technology, mobile and other platforms. This saves a lot of time and money for businesses immediately as well as in the long run.

What will do for Agencies

As a product, will not only be useful for personal businesses but it will also be a valuable tool for 3rd party Marketing Agencies who represent such businesses. Here are some points on how this technology can be used by these agencies.

  • Agencies can take more clients when using our system because it saves them time as most of the work is automated. It can save tons in payroll for every company.
  • More sales opportunities since they can offer service to almost any company who has a poor/old/no website (most marketing companies can use this to increase their retention  by offering websites to their clients)
  • New business opportunities for people who want to start business (Web design agencies, seo agencies etc)

Market Research

About 63% of businesses do not have a website in California. 97% of consumers go online to do research on products and services. 1M searches on Google related to Email marketing tools.  Source:

There are 27.9 millions small business in the US alone. Source:

The typical customer for a website would also be very hight LTV (life time value), because they will never cancel and will bring revenue for 5-6 years minimum.

BEST PART! Most businesses are now realizing that HAVING A WEBSITE IS NOT AN OPTION! (Whereas this was complicated in 2000s where people had to be convinced).

Website Builders in the news

Google, Yahoo and other giants have bought website builders in last 30 days


2 types

1. pre Marketing budget marketing

–word of mouth


–direct sales

2. Post marketing budget marketing

  • Adwords (impression and click marketing)
  • Video marketing in Youtube.
  • Online PR campaign.
  • Trade shows and industry specific conferences.
  • In-bound campaigns like SEO, info graphic marketing, email marketing.
  • Controversy Marketing
  • Facebook Impression and Click Marketing

Partnering with SEO companies and reputation management companies by allowing them to use or technology is one of the biggest way of marketing this software. It would cost roughly 20-100k/a month for a company to build and maintain a system similar to, assuming they can build cutting edge software. This is something not every SEO and marketing company can afford or want to spend on. Ultimately, everybody wants to sell their service and product with as much margin as possible. We are going to be a tool in their bundle.

Our Strategy is has been under development for the last 12 months, a functioning demo version is available. Launch date will be early to mid July; during this time we will start using the seed money to ramp up technology seriously. Part of our sales will come directly from marketing agencies, which we are in talks with currently. At this point, we can choose 1 of the various channels for distribution our product and then get in talks with Real VC’s who see the vision and can help this be the next generation website builder tool that can be accessed by millions of users and businesses alike.

Currently we are talking to few Cable companies also to do a trial run of the “Enterprise Channel” of sales (which is to provide appmakery as a part of Internet/Cable & Business services provided by the MSP’s) will be under constant development based on market and client needs. It is our mission to always be on the cutting edge of technology within the WEbsite building/App building. Technology and innovation are our greatest assets.

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