Appmakery Digital Marketing , SEO solutions for small business

-No more do it yourself. You run your business and we help you–Simple

–Let’s say your business will always have a corner on the Internet that people will remember and that you can be proud of!

–Shine everywhere, wherever and however people search for your business (devices, maps, other places)

–Get in front of the customers, let’s put the black magic SEO behind us–let’s build authentic content and keep it fresh

–Let us get you on Google, with ever increasing amount of searches for your type of businesses–it’s never too late to start. Rankings take the perfect work at a perfect pace. You can eventually beat your competitor

-You will get to talk to  a small family of tech guys and your business is in safe hands. We are well funded and we will be with you for a long time to come. It’s basically an engineering team working for you all the time.

–If your business changes, we will change with you, we will do it for you all over again..Never pay more, $199/forever—We actually do so much upfront work that we bank on you to stay with us forever. Appmakery would fail as a company if our customers don’t stay with us for at least 10 years.

–Saves 1000’s of dollars running after people who know only 1 of the 10 things needed to present and succeed a business online

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