What are some of the services provided by Appmakery in addition to Products?

1) Not everything can be automated, get personal help anytime of the day

2) Search is a constantly evolving space, and we like to monitor it as much as you do. We want to give you up to date service and keep you on top of the searches. We have Appmakery Engineers in R&D who are continuously monitoring Google, Yahoo, Yelp and other top search Engines and SEO Changes in the world. We adapt our technology almost everyday to reflect those changes.

3) Update Directories and search engines with most current data of your business.

4) Real time alerts before search engine data is collected.

5) Create meaningful content to keep your website and local sites healthy and search engine friendly.

6) Manage your store locations–you will never have to worry about doing anything, we do it all for you, step by step and you can just view results.

7) Create contact management lists by communicating with assistant/manager of your business (takes less than 2 minutes/week). Never lose a Customer AGAIN!

8) Work with you to give you advise about your online strategy.

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