AI Contact Center for Sales Teams – SEO Companies listening?

Overall Goal: To Improve performance of Sales teams by giving them TalkTime Features that enable them to sell more effectively.

Scope: To limit scope of discussion, we will focus on B2B Sales calls (let’s say SEO Companies are figuring out how to best utilize their sales teams). With Data and Analytics, it’s finally possible to know what exactly is producing results and what is not. TalkTime’s AI can identify top performers, know winning call structures, enable managers to train their reps, etc.

Proposed solution: Let’s say we want to specifically provide tools for managers, to help them train sales teams. We will build TalkTime Help for sales teams. TalkTime Help will provide real time insights to sales teams, on their dashboards, during their calls.

In order to know the AI solution we should be building(to enable sales teams), we will look at clients existing sales conversation data, to get insights out of existing data. Once the insights are put to use by sales teams, and results are positive, that means we can continue to refine our solution that provides sales teams with real time insights about their sales conversations.

Experiment for product discovery:

HypothesisResults of our SolutionOur MVP
Talk-to-listen ratio impacts Winning-RatesIdeal talk-to-listen ratio for highest closing calls are 44:56.Our solution will analyze talk to listen ratios of top closers and bottom performers and middle performers.
Pricing Discussion Impacts Winning-Rates3-4 times is the ideal no. of times pricing is mentioned in top closers calls (typically mentioned late in the call)Our solution will analyze entire sales conversation data to see what is the best time to bring up pricing and how many times to bring it up during sales calls.
SMB’s don’t buy software during December HolidaysGood teams consistently show good results in DecemberOur solution will analyze thousands of calls over a year to see how sales are affected by seasons, climates, political situation, and other factors.
Timing of calling the leads has an impact on the win-rateTop Closers consistently close most of their deals within the first month after contacting their leads.Our solution will point out the best times to contact a person or list, based on their industry, size, revenue,other software they use, etc.

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