CGC Infographic Thursday – How your Customers Engage – Part 2 of 6

Last week we talked about how CGC (Customer Generated Content), especially reviews are used by Customers to make purchase decisions.

This week, we will dive more into how your Customers ( and potential Customers) are engaging with the Content.

Customers interact and research brands these days. The amount of research depends on the industry of course. I believe you will do much more research before buying a gun than going to a restaurant? (although I can assure you my girlfriend won’t agree with that 🙂 ) In fact I can assure you that very few people read the content written on the website, they instead read reviews content. I am sure we do the same, we sort reviews, scroll up and down, read the most negative and positive review first, and so on…

How much do your customers read reviews?

As you can see above, some people even go as far as viewing the reviewer’s profile to see if the person writing the review is similar to them (and it makes sense). In fact 61% of people are called “power shoppers” who re-sort reviews a few times.

So it begs to ask the question, what kind of content should we display based on your industry? The graphic below describes this:

What Actions can you Take today as a business leader?

  • Allow Shoppers tools to interact with your customer generated content
  • make CGC available on your website and make it intuitive
  • Write clear FAQ’s and update those FAQ’s based on what customers ask you everyday
  • A-B test the placement of various review content on various pages (depending on the segment of the users)

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