CGC- Infographic Friday- The State of Customer Generated Content

CGC or Customer Generated Content is a fancy name given to what your customers say about your business during their lifecycle with your business. Customer reviews, social media mentions, micro-reviews during checkout process on a ecommerce store, Community site comments, Visual Reviews (Video as well as written review images or other images generated by customers) are some of the examples of Customer generated content.

If you are a business with online presence, you already how important Customer reviews can be. customer reviews are probably the most important piece of CGC for local businesses, who are found online using Google Search. If you are a business with ecommerce store, then it becomes 20X more important to present shoppers with the right CGC during their purchase cycle. Also, this content needs to be fresh, relevant to purchases made by customers and needs to be continuously refreshed.

Benefits of CGC:

  1. CGC leads to much better conversions, up to 20x or more for some websites and stores
  2. Better SEO: Needless to say customer reviews or other reviews are structured information that can be formatted on your website on various pages. Google LOVES reviews.
  3. Deeper Merchandise Insights.

Most of the times customers search starts from Google:

As you can see Google and Amazon Dominate this

And how are their decisions affected once they start searching?

About two Thirds of people say CGC affects their purchase decisions, me and you can vouch for that I guess?

And… Star RATINGS are still the King! People still make their first snap decision based on star ratings and they can click on competitors instantly because of this:

Again, 2 similar products or services are bought 73% times more than products or services with less or bad star ratings

Also, more than 80% of the customers say that Absence of reviews makes them not purchase from a website.

Also, as I said earlier, product reviews need to be very fresh, long, descriptive, relevant, pertinent etc. What are some of the things people are looking for in reviews? :

things people look for in customer reviews

Most of the times, people have specific questions about the product or service, and many times those questions can only be answered after calling the business. What would make customers buy from you more is if they can see another shopper answering a question that they have (instead of the business owner). This is the reason Community sites, Q&A’s are becoming very important and I expect more local businesses to carry Q&A pages in their websites that Google can crawl and present shoppers with Answers to questions (in addition to Questions people can already ask on Google Local)

Above are some of the actions you can take today with the help of a technology SEO company like Appmakery

Ok, this is just part 1 of this series of 6 parts, where we will be looking at Customer Generated Content and its impact on Customer shopping habits, Engagement, Loyalty, Trust, Collection and Conversion of customers.

Catch you next week with Part 2, and have a great weekend! Also, I can’t thank you enough for taking your precious time to read this stuff.

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