Why you should never hire Big SEO or Marketing Agencies with 1000’s of customers? Answer: You will be one of the 1000’s.

We know that marketing landscape is HUGE. Every single business on the planet needs marketing, period! Back in the day, word of mouth was the only form of marketing. Once print was invented, only HUGE companies had access to handful marketing firms from the Wall Street. As technologies evolved, and it got easier to start a business, all that changed. Now there are so many different types of businesses, big, small, medium, online, offline, services, products, Hybrid, and so on. Naturally, there are marketing companies that specialize in providing services to all these companies.

On the other hand, there are products like Google, facebook which have made it possible to advertise to everyone who either Google’s or is on one of the social networks. The marketing companies that you use usually are byproducts of Google-like technologies. These companies simply won’t exist without Google. Same way there would be no print advertising if paper wasn’t invented in the first place.

As a startup founder, I have grown companies from nothing to millions of dollars a month in revenue, even built and sold my own company, but after working in the industry for 10 years, I have realized few things, that I want to be a company of 10. I never want to take on work or customers which make me grow to fast. I almost want to do things that don’t scale. There are many reasons for this change, it’s because now I value different things in life. I value Control, Autonomy, Sustainability and such things.

There are lots of problems with big companies, for the purpose of this discussion, let’s limit our focus to big agencies who deliver online services or technology solutions to businesses. Let’s look at some of those problems:

  1. For a start, nobody is really answerable to you. That’s just the way they think about their business. They look at you as a credit card number, rather than a business organism. I have grown companies before and I know several of them personally, and trust me that you are not on anyone’s mind except when you reach out to them. Also, they all deflect blame if there is an issue. Big Agencies usually are also answerable to their investors, partners and other agencies, but not you!
  2. This one is obvious, you are just a number for them, you will never get quality. Yes, you might get some routine tasks done for you, for which some of these companies might even be good, but beyond that, they might be hurting you more with their cookie cut practices than helping you. Think about it, their account manager is handing 10’s of businesses like yours, how can they ever give you what you need? Also, they are not engineers, they are not building products, so it’s not that they have automated their tasks. And if they are using other products to serve you, then they are just trading time for money. And the time you get is very very less considering they have to do the task for so many businesses.
  3. Speed and Efficiency. Big companies are slow and make everything slow. I have a customer right now who is getting an Ecommerce site Rebuilt (with a front end website), and it’s been 2-3 months, and the site is still far away from launch. Worst part is, we have a lot to do after their launch, Re-do all the On Page SEO,all the urls have to be created, titled, etc. Every single thing goes through a manager, another overhead. This ends up costing you 10’s of thousands of dollars very quickly. Where as Companies like Appmakery thrive on being small and speedy and innovative. We don’t get rewarded for time, but for accomplishing goals and tasks for our customers. Everyone is a partner, we all have zero problems in knowing what needs to be done and just doing it immediately.
  4. Most of the times, Big Agencies are selling you FLUFF. They are enamored by new technologies, they announce everything as if businesses need them and so that they can charge you for these new bells and whistles. For e.g. Chatbots, social media marketing, bla bla, but does it really make you money? They don’t even test what they do with other customers to see if it works, if it can continue to work. They basically include all the “buzz words” to make it sound like you are covered.
  5. Big Companies are bought and sold, you will never know what is happening and your services can be changed overnight because the new CEO decides so. Even worse, you can be in contracts, left with debt and other problems of switching over to a new system. This can be really painful and costly.

There are many other problems, we will probably discuss them again in another post. Are you one of the 1000’s of customers of your SEO Company? Do you realize you are throwing away your money? Click on the 90 day plan to send us a quick email and we will help you fix the problems.

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