Google’s Page Rank Algorithm to Rank Pages becomes Famous. Google founders professor (who was Indian by the way 😉 helped these guys devise the algorithm. Page Rank started getting passed as a way to give importance to other new pages.
Few years down the line, Everyone starts purchasing links, old domains etc. Google starts penalizing all these tactics.
Then came the age of automated filters, Adsense and Blog commenting. Also, Social media came into picture, Google found a new way to fight SEO by using Social Media signals as the way to rank sites (since real people talking is a proof of a brands/ Content’s popularity).

After the Content Farm update (after they made revenues of up to $1B/year at thier peak), thousands of websites were crushed, but new opportunities always arise.

I still have to finish my series on the Google’s Search Engine algorithm updates, and I will. It just takes a lot of time to compile each of those posts, I will get to them eventually.

Happy Friday and don’t be shy to say hi.

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