Why does SEO Exist? Answer: Because People need to “Know before they Go”

In early days of Google, Google was mostly used by people to look up restaurants (it still is). But, slowly, everything started getting Googled by people. There is something about knowing what we are getting without actually having to speak to someone or having to go to a place. We basically like to know before we go.

SEO Industry exists because of this reason. Because people research and when they research, they stumble on more things and they Google those things and the story just continues. If you follow marketing industry, you would know that a lot of time is being spent building the “ideal customer profile”, so that less marketing money is wasted, everybody gets what they want faster, we all win! Right? Well, almost!

Thing is, humans are insatiable, and there is no real IDEAL profile. Humans are unpredictable and we take various journeys in life, which can change dramatically. Jeff Besos believes that humans will never be satisfied, and that is what I want to provide them and that’s why he knows how to push boundaries with amazon.com

during the research phase, it’s important to pique interest in potential customers. For e.g. People now search for menus, instead of searching for restaurants, this behavior is important for marketers and it tells us how we need to think about SEO.
Now customers like to plan every single detail of their experience, and they want to feel confident before heading to a new destination. For e.g. most places now mention if they are dog friendly or not!
Budget or pricing inquiries is a deal closing step in customers deciding to do business with you. It’s important to take advantage of that. Google in fact rewards your SEO for such structured information on your website.

Marketers and SEO’s need to become smarter as the technology landscape changes: Web > Mobile > Wearables > and so on…. It is our job to understand Intent Signals and we must adapt our messaging accordingly depending on the touch point of the customers. As Marketers and SEO’s we should build tools (open source at Appmakery) to enhance the experience of potential customers. As a Brand, we can look up how people are searching so that we can understand and serve our customers better.

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