As expected, Voice searches are used a lot while driving. I use voice search the most when I am walking and I try to use hands free search while driving of course!
I can assure you that I look for services using voice search everyday, pretty much all day usually. From nearby gyms, farmer markets, artisan coffee shops to sea food near random beaches, voice search and looking for local businesses is now synonymous. When we do voice searches, Google’s algorithm looks for the words we spoke in businesses titles, website content, blog content, updates content and other signals. This means we have to optimize all our assets for voice search
As expected, restaurants top the charts for most voice searches. Grocery store? Interesting, it means people are looking for different grocery options, for different food items perhaps? Doctors on voice search? Amazing. Cleaners is one of the things I look up a lot on Google Search (because I need last minute cleaning all the time)
These are some of the scenarios in which people use voice search to look up local businesses. Very interestingly, people now like to hear reviews? I think people watch video reviews for sure, but listening to read reviews? Huh! As you can see, all of this has implications for seo
If you thought your website is not important anymore, check it out, about as many people call you also visit the website. And if it’s slow, guess what, you lose 70% of your visitors with just slow website alone. People also like to compare services, so naturally they look for similar businesses before making purchase decisions.
Now finally, here are the use cases of voice search. From booking a restaurant, finding out prices of products, finding out offers of a business, beauty appointments, to taking advice for something, people use voice search in variety of situations

We will be back with another infographic next Friday, until then, it’s good bye from Appmakery San Diego SEO

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