Google now let’s you get back to your “Search Journey” by letting you Access your Search Sessions in future

Although Google has experimented a lot with Search History, and to some extent you can use Chrome address bar to get to where you want instantly, search journey’s will be appreciated by people like you and me. It happens so many times that we go on a Google search spree when we are looking for some information about our favorite topics (or because we stumble upon topics), and we then forget all about those searches because life takes us away from phone or computer.

Well no longer, Google introduces Activity cards for Google searches to show the search journeys of a user to let them know about the context of their searches. Google calls this pick up where you left off feature.

This can save tremendous amounts of time for the users. Saying that however, there is a thrill in starting new and stumbling upon new pieces of information. I guess we still will do that, but this new feature will be especially helpful for people who research a lot for their work. This research work is time consuming and takes a lot of searches, discussions and then searches again. It makes sense to have this search information stored in a graph.

Also, if you are in Las Vegas, you can ask Google what is new this year at CES.

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