What makes one SEO company better than the other? How to Hire and Compare SEO companies

Business owners usually are technology savvy or not so technology savvy. The technology savvy ones stay on top of various technology news, use popular apps and usually know who is working on what for them. One of my recent client (who owns the biggest gun stores in San Diego) is very technology savvy. He interviewed me over the phone and asked me in depth questions about paid marketing, SEO and other things. When he felt that he was talking to a competent SEO in San Diego . He signed up instantly. Later on, I was reflecting on the call and I thought, this guy really knows how to hire an SEO.

But then, I have other clients, business owners who don’t know much except their trade. Even I am one of them. if you ask me to fix a garage door, I will look around, and probably jump into my car and drive to beach (don’t worry my dog automatically follows me to the car).

So how should you go about hiring an SEO if you are not that Savvy about latest trends about websites, digital marketing and other things? Here are a few pointers:

  1. Ask them how long they have been around and how long they have been doing SEO. This will give you a good idea about the company/ your SEO guy. You obviously don’t want a newbie working on SEO for your business. Also, think about it, do you want a seasoned SEO who can knows and has tracked Google’s algorithms for years or someone who just learned some quick tricks to get their site up on Google?
  2. Ask them about the team composition. An SEO company is an SEO team, which usually comprises of designers, developers, product managers, writers, hosting experts, Analytics guru and more. Lot of the fly by night companies usually are operated by sales and marketing gurus. How can they do SEO? So ask them about their team size and composition to quickly find out if you should stop talking or continue talking to them.
  3. Ask them to show some SEO keywords that their SEO company ranks for! DUH! Now I know this is controversial, and I know the Coach doesn’t need to hit the home run right now in order to teach a baseball batter, but if you are a serious company, then you must be ranking for some keywords, you must be having some inbound strategy. Appmakery is an app development company, that recently changed direction to provide SEO and other technology services to local businesses. IT took us only 1 month to rank for the most prominent searches for SEO in San Diego area 
  4. Ask them about short term, medium term and long term SEO strategies. i.e. a good seo company should have strategy to make the best out of your current traffic in the short term (or get you traffic in the short term), but it should also have a strategy to make you dominate in the long term (a content strategy). One way to ask them about this by saying “Will I always be No 1 on Google?” and Why not?
  5. If you are a SEO company, chances are you should know about websites, email marketing, chatbots and other things. How can you know about JUST SEO and not other things? SEO is a coordinated effort and a dance (so to speak). IF your SEO doesn’t seem to be well versed in other technologies, then he/she probably not that good at SEO also.

Those are just some of the tips to help you hire a SEO company, hope you are having a good Wednesday, I will catch you on Thursday!

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