SEO is like Stock Market, there is betting, and Yes, there are Winners and Losers

Just think about, does technology came first or mind came first? Ok, sorry for the rhetorical question, but seriously, everything we have invented has come out of our mind AND the way we perceive the world. Just to give a very crude example, we look at nature and things in it as combinations of parts. No wonder when we started inventing things, we decided to make parts and fit them together.

Fast forward more, one day, we invented gambling and betting. Gambling and betting is probably one of the oldest games that human kind has known. We haven’t stopped, the most important instrument that drives world markets a.k.a STOCK MARKET is based on educated betting. Let’s be honest, stock market in fact is rigged in favor of investors and VC’s and such institution. Think about it, how else can you make money out of thin air? How can you double or grow your money by leaps and bounds overnight? Yup, by betting.

Now to our topic of Interest, Computers and Google. Weirdly enough, Google was invented on Internet, which is accessed by us using computers, specifically, via human interaction on the screens of the computers. Screens became so called Real Estate of Computers. Came Google, which ranks pages of information and matches them to our searches. Google’s Designers decide the real estate (Screen) has space for about 10-15 results for every query. And Industry was born, now we all call it SEO.

what’s your SEO bet in 2019?

Very interestingly, SEO is like betting. Obviously there is a way to rank and increase our chances (just like we can increase our chances of success in stock market), but in the end, for each business category + location search, there are only 10-15 winners (on the 1st page). When businesses started utilizing Google for customer acquisition, it was more of a luxury in the beginning, the main way to get customers was still yellow pages, print advertising and other traditional advertising channels. But as businesses started thriving using Google, and now that Google search has replaced traditional mediums, every single business is now on Google, competing for the same 10 spots. There are people out there gaming Google as well and in spite of all the AI in Google search Google still ranks bad pages with no valuable content at all.

Well, there’s good news. You WERE competing with every single business, now, you can compete with yourself as well. Thanks to Mobile Searches, now the results are based on location, and now you have a chance to rank on the top based on Proximity. It’s not all or nothing game anymore for businesses. There still are clear winners and losers, but there is a new medium that every business can tap into to get new customers.

When SEO’s are betting, they are basically betting on what Google considers as most important ranking factor. To keep it interesting for SEO’s, Google continues to manipulate the results (now almost everyday) based on 1000’s of undisclosed factors. Sometimes some of these factors make your site jump to No 1 and then back into the back pages. It’s especially true if you are not a primetime new media organization (news and content sites will always rank because sites entire aim to develop content and their business is based on that).

Saying that, you can bet intelligently, and do what I call as sustainable seo (by hiring writers), mixed with smart, contextual link building and updating.

If you are looking for a SEO in San Diego, then will you bet on us ? 🙂

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