Why Blogging is Branding? Can your business can build a brand with a blog?

Your blog is not just a blog, it’s your business. Even if you right now get most of the customers through foot traffic, referrals and other channels, you can’t assume that the new generation of customers in 5-10 years won’t research and read more before choosing your business.

Back in the day, till 2004, a blog just used to be blog, then orkut, facebook, instagram, snapchat and others came around which are basically picture and video blogs (instead of drawn out stories). After all, nobody wants to read blogs anymore right? WRONG!

As you can see, people are still reading blogs!

so it seems Google now Ranks blog posts with average 2000 words on top of the search results. That means we all need to hire a full time content writer for our business! The average posts on Appmakery blogs are 600-800 words (except sometimes).

Thing is, it takes a lot of time to research a topic, come up with ideas, structure etc to write a unique piece of content. 2000 words especially means spending longer time.

Most of the SEO Companies (and also probably the one you are using for marketing), have “Account Managers” who handle about 50-100 accounts like yours on a monthly basis. That equates to about 20 minutes of real work time every couple of days for your business. How can anyone come up with an article a day in 10 minutes? It takes at least 2 hours just for reading and researching a blog topic. It took me lots of Google searching to find the above graphic and create one of mine. I think you got my point, you aren’t really building long lasting real information that will brand you and rank you for a long time.

Why is Blogging Branding? For many reasons:

  1. Blog is a way to show what you stand for, all the way from design, to values to culture and other things.
  2. Blog shows you are updated about things and that you care enough to educate people on your business / industry.
  3. Blog is way to express yourself and connect with people who are beyond just your local community.
  4. A Brand is a brand because it exists for a long time, content exists forever as well. So blogging is a way to show how experienced you are. You control your destiny with Blog. Many people have to see your brand many times before they decide to become your customers (on an average 7 times)
  5. Blog probably is the #1 Factors in SEO, so why won’t you allow your brand to be visible to more customers?

So what to do?

  1. Focus on writing good and honest content, everyday if possible. As I have said before, if you are a manager, you need to write.
  2. Promote your content. SEO your Blog in a way that it starts ranking on Google. Do a long tail search and make sure you optimize titles so that people find your blog.
  3. Hire a writer, I advise a Blog writer for every business (probably the best money you can spend) and for some select clients, I also advise to have a community news site as a long term strategy to dominate in SEO.

Hope you are settled in after the New Years! I sincerely thank you for connecting with me everyday, see you tomorrow!

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