How to get more done in the age of Technology distractions?

We are business owners, and our time is valuable, and with the number of devices these days (and all our friends and strangers with these devices), it has become important that we know how to manage these devices without letting them control our lives.As you might know by now, we are creatures of HABITS. We literally repeat things that we learn as humans, so if we develop bad habits, we perform badly, and we develop good habits, then good results start flowing. You can have good or bad Digital Habits, Personal Habits, Work Habits, Meeting Habits, SEO habits :), and so on…..Now I don’t want to write a summary on 8 habits of highly effective people 🙂

What I want to do is to make you think about some of your habits so that you can get more out of your day and life and your business. So what are they?

Some Digital Habits

  1. Listening to Youtube Videos. You simply can’t believe the amount of information that is available on youtube. Whether you want to improve mentally, physically, skillwise, spiritually, I am sure the background noise of great videos will affect you. Get Youtube premium of course! You don’t want to listen to stupid ads in between or in the beginning (some of those video ads now are hour and more long!!)
  2. Turn off Notifications for most things from your Phone and your Laptops. I actually use 4 laptops for work, and all of them have been configured to give me separate notifications from different apps so I know quickly which one I need to attend and which ones can wait! Also, I have disabled most notifications from my Iphone as well. I have also changed the sounds on my devices to not sound like standard ringtones since that changes the way I respond to familiar ring tones (I no longer bother)
  3. Deleted most of the apps from iphone, facebook, snapchat, messenger, all gone! still have Instagram on the phone so that I can be in touch with my family in India and in U.S (yes they all prefer Instagram).
  4. Load your phone with Google Apps and Productivity apps to make sure I can do at least some work if needed on my phone. I also reply to emails right away (unless it’s not a work email or something that needs a lot of thought). Replying to emails is kind of like my Superpower! lol

Some Meeting Habits:

  1. Always have an Agenda ready for meeting. 1.2.3 quick! I have made this a habit for everyone in my company since last 4 years. My employees never come to me anymore for a meeting without knowing problems, solutions, proposals, bottlenecks, goals etc
  2. Get REAL WORK DONE DURING MEETINGS, instead of making meetings as a place for chatting and discussing and making plans. I and my cofounder always meet everyday (online, he is in India) and we always get work done while we are talking, planning, strategizing.
  3. Interrupt when something seems to be out of place. Don’t come to meetings thinking that you have to behave! This is not school or college, we should be allowed to weigh in and break the rules when necessary!
  4. New ideas should be treated with respect and thought about later after the meeting. Meetings should not be a place to take a consensus on decisions. Realize who is suited for doing what in the meetings (because you can see the enthusiasm for certain ideas from certain people).

Some Personal Habits:

  1. Be happy, never let a bad hour turn into few bad hours, few bad hours into a whole Bad day! Always remember that being healthy and alive is a gift and a chance!
  2. Make your family a part of your business. People usually say that you should keep business and personal life separate, and for the right reasons, but I tend to mix these too. I seek to make my best friends my business partners. One of my cofounders has been with me since college. The reason is, I seek sustainable solutions that will last forever. I want to build a company where most of the partners know me so well that they can replace me instantly, what better than a friend or family replacing you?
  3. Automate most of my daily, weekly and monthly chores to a point that I don’t have to think about it. I have exactly same pants, shirts, sweaters all ready to go when I want to wear them (very less difference in colors, make, style, fitting etc 🙂 Think about it, how can you do anything well in life when most of your mental energy is used to deal with daily, weekly and monthly nonsense?

Alright, hope I didn’t bore you. I will from time to time, delve into topics other than just Google Search updates and Digital Marketing. In fact you can find al that info anywhere, so may be I need to get more creative and write about things that actually matter to you and me on a daily basis.


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