So, you made a change. You made an effort to know your customers while doing SEO. You write the perfect message, for the right people, at the right time, but your conversion (the rate of converting visitors into customers) is still low. Why?

There are some factors that can instantly kill the conversions:

  1. Speed of your Website is probably going to make visitors leave your site before they even get to see your content (or may be they see a partial content with rest loading, especially on phones since speed is more crucial there)
  2. Honest Content, that talks to the visitors, and that makes it look like you care about them, starting from the design of your website is very important.
As you can see, customers are irrational, they can make a buying decision or judge you by just looking at the design of your website!

3. Lack of Reviews, Videos or Video Testimonials on the website, which shows other people on the site. Let’s accept it, we are humans, and we trust our friends and family and now other people who write reviews online.

4. TOO much going on on the home page, without keeping it simple. Most SMB sites especially struggle with this, since most of the web design companies are still making such websites for the customers.

Important to remember these guidelines to avoid Conversion SEO fail!

5. Not giving Importance to blog (you are reading this article on appmakery’s blog of course). I have said this before, but blog not only is the single most important tool in your arsenal for SEO (if not the #1), it is a chance for you to show your customers that you are a business that knows what they are doing and that you are bringing the latest services to them.

Why would you buy Digital Marketing, CRM or other technology services from anyone else except Appmakery? 🙂 Or will you continue to use a company that doesn’t even blog ?

Those are just some of the things, we can of course go into details of each of these, but I now my audience very well, and business owners like you won’t have more than couple of minutes to read posts like these and that’s why I always strive to keep my posts under 2 minutes read time.

Hope things are heating up at your business after the new years, if it’s not, then I am happy to talk and help you. See you tomorrow!

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