Infographic Friday! What are Business Owners searching for in the last year or so? Spoiler Alert, SEO Wins!

Google Trends is a nifty little tool that I have been using for last 10 years now. I still remember when it first came out and all SEO’s used to be crazy about it, because it gave amazing breakdown on what the world is search for (still does).

Today, as I mentioned in the email, today I decided to see what business owners (or people like me) are searching for in the digital marketing world. Are they searching for “Digital Marketing” or “Website Design” or “Small business marketing” or “SEO” or “Email Marketing” or “How to use Social Media for Small business”

Very interestingly SEO wins the race by far ( which also proves my thought behind calling ourselves “SEO Company”, trying to be the king of San Diego SEO and all related search terms.) (we are already there in top 2 pages for most terms since a month of this new signaling !)

These trends are over the last 2 years, as you can see the dates in the graphs. What is also interesting is the states in which SEO, Digital Marketing etc are searched for. California is No 10 in the list of most searched states for SEO, but may be that’s because everyone in California has a SEO company 🙂

I hope you have a great New Years Eve and New Years Day, I will be working diligently to bring you the information like always. I hope you find it a bit useful.

Let’s first start with the term “digital marketing” to see how that is trending since last year

Digital Marketing vs Small Business Marketing terms (Digital Marketing OWNS small business marketing as you can see by the BLUE color everywhere)
Now here, we added Website Design in the mix to show you the comparison. Website design searches still beats small business marketing, but very interestingly is searched for less than Digital Marketing!!
When we add SEO to the mix, that’s when things really look different. As you can see SEO OWNS ALL THE OTHER SEARCH TERMS, by FAR at that!
Not much changes when you add email marketing to the mix! even though email marketing seems to be search for more than small business marketing, but less than seo, website design and digital marketing.
And these are the top 5 states where business owners seem to be really taking it to the Internet 🙂
What is really strange is that New York is not in the top list! This tells me NY has already reached it’s peak in terms of Internet penetration in business!

Catch you on the last day of the year!

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