We know that people who are not from the SEO world have been promised the world by SEO experts. But people who know what SEO entails (The savvy business owners), know that clever SEO involves a bit of work, which is usually a continuous effort (It’s not like you can blast a campaign and then wait for the results to show up).

It’s very important that our customers and us are the on the same page. Every customer is different and has different needs, which are prioritized into short term, medium term and long term goals. These goals in turn need a strategy, which turns into tasks that need to be done in order to fulfill the strategy implementation.

Just as an example, let’s look at a new customer example. Let’s assume that this is an existing business, who has been around in business for 20-30 years. Currently the customer is spending good money to upgrade his website, but has no organic SEO going on. The customers new website will be ecommerce based (so they want to sell their products online). The customers website already ranks for few of the keywords. So how will you go about setting the expectations for this customer?

After analyzing all the assets, what’s present what is not present, it is always a good idea to create a single unified profile for a customer. After analyzing the need (in this case Organic SEO and Paid Google Adwords Campaign), we need to come up with some goals. e.g. SEO goals, Traffic goals, revenue goals, technology goals, etc.

  1. Expected monthly calls vs current monthly calls (get current data from analytics)
  2. Expected foot traffic vs Current Traffic (monthly)
  3. Expected no of orders vs Current no of orders (total because of online)
  4. Expect online Ecommerce sales vs Current no. of online sales
  5. Increase existing user base engagement and referrals

The above goals will turn into strategy and activity and specific goals (metrics to improve) such as:

Strategy (for next 12 months, review every month and quarter)

-bring all the assets under one managed profile and set up tracking for all the things

-Keyword Rankings vs older rankings (for various keywords, over a period of time)

-Ownership of SERP Page for Business google search

-Link Building Metrics

-Start thinking about national rankings

-Increase traffic to other pages of the website

-Increase in non branded traffic as well as branded

-Increase Organic Impressions

-mobile traffic optimization.

Once we know that above is the strategy, we then derive some tasks that need to be done in order to implement the above strategy.

Some of the Tasks (that come out of above strategy):

  • Geo landing pages (with targeted offers) for targeting email campaign traffic for return visitors as well as new local visitors (short term targeting)
  • Community site about the business (long term goal)
  • Track conversion
  • New Blog Content (for various keywords and geo)
  • New Product Pages, Reviews, Testimonials
  • Third party reviews, review site
  • Resources content building (short and long term)
  • Improve link profile and DA
  • Third Party Content
  • On page SEO
  • Website Schema, structure
  • Local Optimization for website and landing pages
  • Competitive study to see where other business sites in this category are getting their links

What We (Appmakery) Promise

  1. Long term strategies and work
  2. Total control of your online assets and technology, peace of mind for you.
  3. Monitoring of goals every month, every quarter and adjusting strategy based on our discussions
  4. Commitment to bring your budget down and return on investment higher
  5. Open source software and tools that you can always use forever.
  6. Video reporting to save snapshots of every months analytics

If you want someone to help you with your SEO goals in 2019, talk to us, simply say [email protected] or call / TEXT at 619 655 6567

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