My Doctor Friend says he doesn’t care about Google!

My best friend is a Anesthesiologist, in fact most of my friends are doctors of some sort. It’s because I met my best friend in my building, she is a physician and I ended up meeting a lot of her friends who became my friends. Anyways, my best friends husband who is a doctor also, has a “Pain business” lol. Don’t worry, he cures pain. Recently, I told him I am changing my company to provide technology assistance to SMB’s and that includes doctors, may be I can help you, so that I have an example of a doctor client to show my potential customers. He told me he doesn’t care, he has more business than he can handle already!

Well, my friend is well educated and comes from Stanford Medical, so may be that is enough for him to get jobs or business, but he is definitely overlooking few things:

  1. People Google him, and he didn’t know that he barely had any reviews online, except for 1 review which is a bad review (where a guy is complaining about this doctor not prescribing him the medicine that he wanted). When I showed him the review, he was amused and surprised.
  2. He plans to expand his practice soon, but doesn’t realize that people will google him and his practice, and they might want to find out in detail about each of the doctors.
  3. My friend is not using any technology, he is not even sending basic text or email reminders to his patients to remind them of visits or to check and see how his patients are doing (and hence losing patient business in the process).
  4. Not everyone knows that my friend is well renowned in his field, from a top medical school. He has to communicate this to his potential customers through digital marketing, by sharing his latest knowledge.
  5. Regardless of how well my doctor friend is perceived by people who know him, people like to read in-depth reviews about the kinds of situations handled by him before choosing him.
  6. My friend doesn’t know that Dr Larsen across the street is doing all the right things, and because of that, he has developed a local brand for himself.

Basically, he does need to care about Google and use technology to his benefit. He can’t say “I don’t care” because this is not 1995 and we live in a new day and age where online identity is as important (if not more) as our physical identity. You need to care about Google even if you don’t get business because of Google. No matter how people find your business, people will Google you and how you look then is what really matters.

Also, as a business, it’s his job to make it easy for his patients to get in touch with him, be reminded of visits, followups etc. People remember the experiences they have, and if you want a life long relationship with your customers, then you have to value what might matter to them.

Are you also one of them who says “I don’t care about Google, I have more than enough business already” ?

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