Recently, Google’s Brain AI beat a chess player again. Give AI any Confined-System and AI usually beats humans. Where AI will always be inferior to humans is thoughts. I don’t think AI can have the randomness we possess.

Coming back to businesses. Most of our advertising is dependent on good content. Your SEO company in the end has to hire quality content writers to do the job for you. Problem is good content writers are not in plenty, and very expensive to hire. Most SEO’s use article spinning tools to repurpose articles (which is ok). If tomorrow, there is a AI software that can write creatively (one of my startup cofounders from previous startup already has worked on a AI bot that can draw a little bit), then every SEO agency out there will be able to promise Rank 1 (because content indeed is still the king).

Will SEO be automated more by automating Content with AI ?

Appmakery has content writers and it is one of the areas we have always thought about. In 2015, I was trying to come up with content templates for each industry so that at least we don’t have to write content from scratch for new websites. Website content is still very easy, writing about interesting topics related to your business, day in day out, is hard. We can definitely use some AI there.

What are the challenges for a “AI Content Writer” ?

  1. AI has to learn the audience and connect with the audience. This is easier said than done. Especially, for advanced content such as say a newsletter like this where one has to constantly come up with new ideas, talk about what is current, etc.
  2. AI Content writer doesn’t live life, so it can never use life’s daily experiences during writing and hence the writing might seem bland (Unless, we train the AI to talk about interesting things and lie to the audience 🙂
  3. The AI content writer can’t talk to other people in the organization, it doesn’t know what other people want to say/include. It can never deliver a message that represents everyone in the company.
  4. AI has to adapt and A-B test (based on metrics). This is where AI might do well, but still, if something works, AI might overoptimize instead of writing for the readers. A human is able to balance all these things because it’s easy for us to think about all these things, by making it part of content writing process.

But if there was an AI tool invented like that, then may be user-generated data (such as reviews, social engagement) will become the main difference for rankings. Question has to be asked at this point that how far can automation go? Or will we use it in combination with our brains? Imagine a day when AI will do every single task of our business, what will we do then? And what will be the difference between various businesses assuming best of the breed AI will be accessible to anyone.

Don’t worry, that’s a bit far, I don’t think such technology will be available for a couple of decades. Think about it, nothing much really has changed in the last 18 years since 2000 (except that everyone now finally knows Internet is here to stay and apps have been around for 10 years). We still use Internet to find businesses the same way we did 15 years ago, except that devices have changed and technology has improved a lot. Although, Google home and voice devices, AI, is finally trying to change that.

Also, even if there is such fascinating technology, you will need someone who can manage such technology for you, so that we can push the AI in the right direction (to make it work for your business). As a business leader, you don’t need to know the inner workings of AI, but you need to know how AI will impact your business.

Is AI part of your SEO strategy in 2019?

Merry Christmas, catch you tomorrow!

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