Update from Official Google Webmaster Blog – Mobile First Indexing now done for almost half of the pages

Ok, so it is official now, Google’s mobile first indexing is now on for half of the Internet pages crawled by Google. This also means search results are affected a lot based on whether your website is perfectly crawled or by Google’s mobile crawler.

As shown, below you can see how Appmakery site displays Crawled as “Googlebot Smartphone”. Most of the times, if you are using a responsive design (that fits on all devices), then you should be good!

Remember that a page doesn’t need to be mobile optimized for it to be mobile indexed (this is clearly stated by Google). Also, if you are using different versions of pages for your mobile (vs desktop), then you need to include structured markup for your mobile pages as well.

Alt-text for Images now more important than ever because of Mobile crawler

So, from now on, don’t forget to include proper alternative descriptions for all your images, product images or other assets on your website. It also makes your images appear properly in mobile searches (which counts towards overall seo

Here are the best practices listed on Google for optimizing images and other content properly for mobile.

That’s it, today’s post was short and simple, as I said before, I know you are a business owner and you shouldn’t really care about all these things, but I have to on top of all these things so that I can serve you better.

From time to time, I throw some detailed posts like this to show you that I am working all the time 🙂 Happy Thursday and Catch you tomorrow with Infographic Friday!

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