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So, just to give you better Context, I had an education in Computer science. I came to U.S (after working for IBM, DELL and others) and started working for startups (instead of finishing my MBA). I started as a side project is 2011, just after my successful role at a startup. After a few startups, I decided to start consulting (building apps for startups, strategy, marketing, and all that stuff). I quickly SEO’d appmakery for various terms such as “app development company” “iphone development san diego etc.” (I have screenshots here, I have blogged about this before). I started getting client inquiries.

It quickly reminded me why I never grew my consulting business (because building apps (or web applications) is not a joke and you can’t be on more than 2 projects MAX at a time). I always had just 1 Big customer (with revenue over $50M/year) at a time (who paid more than enough ). Such companies usually are already in business and know what they are doing. Companies like Appmakery can provide them competitive edge with new technology research, implementing innovation, building new products and more. But I always knew that this is not the end game, I have to try something new, something where I can still build software, but not for these MNC’s

It got me thinking about what I should build or what business I should get into. Since building apps was not going to scale. Also, it takes a lot out of you to launch apps, it’s mentally draining. And most of these App launches fail and that again taxes your brain. How long can I continue to do that? Yes, it is paying the bills, but is that all I want in life?

I wanted more meaning, I decided to help small businesses or more precisely, local businesses. It gives me a sense of peace and meaning to help people like myself succeed. In the process, I don’t want to become a big company, I intend to stay small.  I want to bring big boy technology to everyone and make it very accessible by small business.

So here I am, I now rebranded the site, now we make apps for small businesses. More precisely, we are a custom technology solution for small business (instead of being a cookie cut solution). At the same time, once we gather enough information from our customer over the next 6 months, we will be building a unique software product that suits your business (and continue to utilize existing software till then). We will be committed to bringing open source solutions and software products which vow not to get consumed by Venture Capital.

On a side note: Advertising  Appmakery

We have a team, that has been in software industry for last 15 years. I don’t mean to boast, but my friends work at Google, Facebook, Apple and other companies. My classmate and one of the advisors to Appmakery, just helped a Billion dollar merger for a MNC. I always like to expand my knowledge and there is no better way to do it if your friends are your business partners and if they challenge you to think better.

It’s been a month, since I changed the site title to SEO Company San Diego (because turns out, this is the keyword used most by businesses to search for companies). We already rank, it didn’t take that much time, because Google knows we are a site that has meaningful content and real visitors. Google is ok with our Intent. So, as I always say, do SEO like you mean it forever

I am not saying that I have already acquired business because of it, but very soon I will, and even if I don’t, I build authority using it and my customers will believe me if I can show my domination.

But SEO is just one of the 10 things that we do for SMB’s. We want to be the ALL-IN-ONE Solution for Small businesses, the Small Business Technology Hero’s if you will. The guys who take care of the Internet – YourInternetGuy 🙂  As I have said before, technology is changing, and we ourselves have to keep up with it. We will do for your business, what we are doing for our business. Simple!

SEO is one of the few sustainable solutions since it always brings cumulative results. All the other things you do are a switch turned all and on (unless you build a brand with your paid marketing, enough to sustain your business after that).

Basic SEO is very simple, and you can do it yourself. And if you really have a lot of time, then I am pretty sure you can do all of it yourself. OF course, we don’t want to be doing any of that, we have our business to run. Exactly! 🙂

SEO if done smartly, can yield tremendous results in a short period of time, I am planning to spend some money on PR for Appmakery to generate some buzz. But I don’t need to spend money to be honest, Good PR is always free, the real question is if you have a real story. Appmakery being the small business technology heroes is a good story that I can sell to techcrunch, can you come up with a story to attract local reader magazine readers (or at least for some seo benefit).

SEO doesn’t get penalised forever. That means that even if you use some dirty/blackhat tactics for a while, because of which your listing is penalized, you can be back up with organic efforts again. In the end, you have to see the cost of doing “negative SEO” by calculating your revenue gained and revenue lost for the time you are penalized. If it works for you, it works you, period.

I think I have made my point, SEO works. Your website and all the other websites will exist even if Google disappeared. Suddenly, lots of other search engines will pop up and all the good seo work will still remain. SEO is also fair game. It puts all the big boys and new businesses on the level playing ground. Whoever does better, wins the race. I think that’s fair! (It’s another thing that a lot of Google’s search results look like garbage these days, I will be surprised if Appmakery doesn’t hands down beat rest of the competitors in 3-6 months just after scratching the surface of our campaigns).

Happy Wednesday! Catch you tomorrow! Stay focused. I eat a Keto diet to stay focused. I also walk 10 miles with my dog everyday. I quit most of the Carbs 3-4 months ago. I am not much of a gym guy, but I am a sprinter and a hiker and a swimmer (ocean). Do not forget to live life, I know business is our life for some of us, but we need to know how to turn on and off.

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