Why Business Managers need to Write & build Brand online…

If you are managing a business like I do, we know that it’s important to build brand. People buy products from companies because of one important thing- it’s called Credibility. There is no better way to build brand than writing because writing forces you to learn about various things that you didn’t know. It makes you read, it makes you a better thinker and a problem solver. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos doesn’t talk to his managers if they don’t bring a 1 page memo of what they want to talk about. Many Tech companies I know now are adopting such principles.

Anyways, if you are running a small to medium sized business, you still need to build brand, especially if you want to utilize your online “Clout”. Even if you sell your business, your followers, your customers, prospects can be your assets. It builds credibility with customers and makes you better at your job. If you are a manager in a Job, you can carry your brand to a different company and perhaps get paid more as well. We all know that we are who we know, i.e. we need to build our online as well as offline connections, and most of the times offline conversations switch to online and viceversa.

Also, if you are a small business that is starting out, then you definitely need to build your brand. Your business is an extension of you and your customers definitely will care about the connection they have with your brand. Great branding leads to word of mouth. It’s real. People see a well designed coffee mug and they feel like having a coffee. Your brand can incite similar feelings in your customers.

Brand is an addition to your networth. Since a business with strong brand is seen to have a lot of future value. Similarly, as a manager, we can increase our networth by building a brand.

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Besides, when you write, you inspire people, you will inspire your employees to do better, it shows that you care and that you care enough to keep yourself updated.  I know I know! “Time” you will say. We all need more of that, especially when you have a family to take care of. Truth is, we have to find time. Unless you have a lot of money, and you can outsource, but that is boring 🙂

A lot of people might think this is a lot of work, but it really is not, you can now use voice tools to type. Also, we are business leaders, learning is not new to us, and we will learn till the last day of our life, and writing is one way to force ourselves to learn about something all the time.

I myself have squandered the opportunity to build my personal assets since last 10 years (busy working for startups, building startups and selling startups). But I said enough is enough, and I started and now I am talking to you. There are many people I follow that reach my inbox everyday and I click on them and give a quick read and forget about it. We have to chose where we get our information from, and in this day and age, we should get our information from a few sources to see what is true and what is not!

It doesn’t matter if writing comes naturally to you or not, you run a business, you can do anything. Thing is, your work is not exciting, that’s the problem. But I can’t get into that right now. What I can say is that you have to find a way to connect with your work and make it exciting. Perhaps you need to value your work in a different way. May be you need to change what you are doing, but you need to make it exciting. And when it’s exciting, you can write!

I ll leave this post at that. Happy Tuesday, hope you are sailing through the week. I will catch you with something new tomorrow.

Also, I want you to think about your new years resolutions for your business. I have traffic goals, SEO goals, Customer goals, etc. Above all, my goal is to build a sustainable technology company that will never take Venture Capital and will never become too big (I have done both). I Imagine our future to be close knit communities with similar beliefs. What I want to do is carve out a community that I can help and derive help from.

If you are in Southern California, you know that the weather is beautiful. I am lucky to live in San Diego, so don’t forget to say hi if you are in town.

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