The State of Technology (Google) in 2018 – What it means for Small Business?

Last night, Google’s CEO was questioned at the Capitol Hill, for being biased against 40-50% of Americans (that it is suppressing conservative and republican media ). Poor guy from India, I can only imagine what he must be going through, although I can relate to his testimony being a computer engineer for the last 15 years.

How? Obviously, by Manipulating Search Results! (You can do that for your business as well by hiring SEO Companies like Appmakery)

I have worked at big companies such as Dell, IBM and I have friends at Google, and anybody who has been around in the industry for a while will tell you that it is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE for 1 person to manipulate search results. There are many processes and frameworks that are followed to make changes to any algorithm or even simple Product-changes for that matter.

Also, think about it, Google’s business is mostly in U.S, why would it shun away almost 50% of users by giving them search results that they don’t like?

So what’s the problem Congressman? Just create a Competitor? Woudn’t that solve the problem?

By the way Google recently has relented on Duck-Duck Go.

The problem is, Yahoo and Bing haven’t succeeded despite all the vast resources at their disposal. Also, Google is impregnable, it’s an aggregator with positive feedback loops everywhere in its value chain and it gets better and better as more and more people ask Google more and more questions. You can’t suddenly switch to a new search engine and expect it to perform so well (unless someone invents a new technology that has the AI to do so).

Also, Google has too much money and R&D, to buy companies, to create new companies, very hard for someone to come in and beat $127 Billion dollars in revenue. So Google uses the frictionless web and zero distribution costs (Internet), Google is the best product people can use, regardless of their political or other affiliations.

So what does all this mean for my small business?

  1. The environment is stable currently, with Google, facebook, Apple and Microsoft being the only consumer technologies. This means a small business is guaranteed customers, software platforms and other services that make it easy for businesses to acquire customers, serve customers and retain customers. This is good for small business.
  2. On the other hand, businesses are now heavily reliant on Google and the above mentioned companies. There isn’t an alternative ecosystem ready for businesses to turn to (unless you have an excellent word of mouth program or your business somehow doesn’t use any technology). It’s important that’s why to have at least 20% of your business strategy focusing on sustainable forms of revenue creation that don’t depend on the Big platforms.
  3. Google already has adwords for businesses, and organic (map and others) search results to get you customers, but expect more and more organic results to become paid results. May be we will just start paying Google a subscription fee to just be on Google, because there isn’t an alternative. Same applies to facebook advertising.
  4. More and more of your business data will be in the hands of few companies and that means you will have more and more competition as business intelligence data will be available to new companies that will spring up.
  5. With the advent of Voice services such as Google home, your business brand will be lost. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how much money you spend on marketing, creating your brand. But for a long term growth and survival, it is always good to create a brand and a following across the community.
  6. If Google is manipulating search results, then we have a big problem, and who knows businesses will start taking a position to serve democrats, republicans or other affiliations ? (Remember the Pizza incident in New York?) But this one is improbable, and being a business owner, I know that I will never treat my customers differently because of their backgrounds.

Ok, this post already crossed my target of 2 minutes read time, so I am going to stop. I know that you are business owner like me and I barely have time during the day. Saying that however, reading about technology takes away significant amount of my time everyday, so that you don’t have to worry about keep up with it 🙂 Have a great day and catch you tomorrow!

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