Google Launches WordPress Plugin for Analytics

So Google officially launched a word press plugin for websites. Now you can directly view Google Analytics, Search Console data inside your WordPress Admin site.  What does this mean? It means that Google thinks that your site is really good if your website runs on WordPress. Google has finally basically accepted that WordPress is the gold standard for websites (after thousands of website builders came to the market and Google itself failed at website builder so many times).

So what are some of the reasons your website should run on WordPress?

  1. WordPress is open source, which means, you can own the code without someone telling you to pay for it tomorrow. Appmakery creates all its apps, websites and software using open source software and we control and maintain our own versions of such software. It’s one of the reasons, we came to small business world, because we wanted small businesses to have a tech company behind them (rather than SEO Companies or sales guys)
  2. WordPress is extensible, meaning it can expand to suit your needs as your business grows and you need more functionality. Tomorrow, if your website needs to become an Ecommerce store, then you can do that, without having to start doing things from scratch. Want an appointment system? Done. Want an email marketing automation on your website, done! DONE!
  3. WordPress is a gold standard, that means there are 1000’s and 100’s of developers who know wordpress. If tomorrow your web agency goes out of business or you decide it’s time for a change, then you can’t simply call some agency and take over your website because the new guys might not know the platform your site is built on (most of the times, it’s just a script or template, but it will take hours of a programmers time to edit some simple things). When you use WordPress though, you can throw a rock in the air and find a developer who can take over your website. Appmakery in fact built a website builder in 2014, but we discontinued the product for the same reason after building websites for 2 years with it.
  4. As a small business owner, you want to know that your website code is solid, reliable and well tested. Unfortunately, many  of the present website builders are not secure and they are putting all your business data in danger (think of recent attacks on squarespace and wix where thousands of accounts were compromised). WordPress is developed by the best in the business, and some of the best in the business from around the world add to it everyday. Millions of programmers like me report bugs and fix bugs everyday. No other platform can even come close to such a scale.

What are you running your website on? If you are looking for a company that can build and maintain your wordpress site, for a fraction of the price your current company charges you, then please say [email protected] . What’s more? We will handle your entire Technology stack and department for one low monthly fee.

Appmakery is on a mission to bring big boy technologies in the hands of small businesses, because small business, after all, is the backbone of American economy (or any economy for that matter).

Thanks for reaching this far, you are among the 15% people who reach this far, I have to say thanks!

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