How to hire an SEO Company for your Small Business? Ask these questions if you don’t want to lose time and money

Have you hired the right SEO Company for your business?

Have you asked some of these Questions before seeking help from your SEO Company?

Don’t worry, you can still ask these questions from your Company, and if you are not fully satisfied, then you should seek alternatives so that your money goes far and you don’t waste time hurting your online strategy.

Questions to ASK:

  1. Are you going to get me rankings quickly ? If yes, how so? What you are basically trying to find here is what kind of methods your SEO Company will use and whether it leads to sustainable SEO or dirty methods that can hurt you in the long run.
  2. Do you build technology? Do you have developers / Engineers on your team?
  3. Can my website grow and can you redesign it if needed (because of changing Google algorithms or because it’s been too long and your website looks old)
  4. How do you get reviews for my business? Is there a strategy? What will you do if my reviews are filtered by Google or Yelp?
  5. So what happens tomorrow if I decide to cancel service with your agency?
  6. Can you show me a progress on my rankings (some kind of a ranking report over a period of time?)
  7. Can you provide me other services such as email marketing, social media and other services at no extra cost?
  8. What are the qualifications of people working on my account? Can they understand the updates made by Google?
  9. What if some of the vendors I am using go out of business tomorrow or better/cheaper alternatives come into the market?
  10. Will the pricing change based on the technology you are utilizing for me? for e.g. hosting prices, other software service etc..

Above are just some of the questions you should ask from your digital marketing agency, and based on answers given by them, you should be able to make a call about whether you should hire them or not.

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