Google Algorithm Updates History – Part 2

So last time, I wrote about the Google updates till 2015

Let’s start with 2014:


  1. Penguin 3 (Google Releases Penguin 3.0
    Google Confirms Penguin 3.0 Update )
  2. Panda 4.1 in September 2014  (to dispel low quality content according to Google)
  3. De-Indexing Private Blog Networks (Basically Google takes a shot at whatever starts working for SEO and is taken advantage of)
  4. SSL becomes a ranking factor (urges site users to purchase SSL certificates)
  5. Google Pigeon – Google starts blending local rankings with organic rankings, local directories became important
  6. Pand 4.0 – Again, a ding at over optimization
  7. 3 more updates in Jan, Feb and March, without releasing much details of the updates



  1. Authorship Change:  Basically became less important
  2. Penguin 2.1
  3. Hummingbird Search Update
  4. In-depth articles Update where Google started giving importance to pages that have all the information you need about a topic in one page
  5. Panda Update fine tuning and Knowledge graph update.
  6. Panda Dance continues, Google launches updates every 10 days
  7. Penguin 2.0 for English Queries
  8. Domain crowding to tackle diversity of search results



  1. Panda update No 22
  2. Page Layout Update 2
  3. Penguin 3.0
  4. Exact Domain Match update (giving less importance to exact match domains)
  5. Reduced number of search results on 1st page
  6. Another 200 Updates spread out between September and April
  7. Parked Domain Bug
  8. Google Venice Update (Local SEO Truly became local, Google started giving results based on IP address)
  9.  Panda 3.2 in January
  10. Google Plus search (Google’s failed attempt at Social network) was given importance in SEO



  1. Panda 3.1 Update
  2. Fresher Results update (giving more importance to freshness of content in the search results)
  3. Pannda Flux
  4. Expanded SiteLinks Update
  5. Google + coming out of beta
  6. was created for defining all kinds of structured data
  7. Attribution Update

In Part 3 of this series, we will cover the remaining of the years and wrap up this Update Series ! After that, I will link some of the above summaries with links so that you can find more in-depth information about each of those updates.

So stay tuned! Only 3% of readers who read my updates reach this last line, so I must thank you!

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