What is a Typical SEO Workflow in your Company?

How to create an SEO workflow – How to Create an SEO Workflow for your Company?

Ask anyone down the street in San Diego what their business is and you will find most of them are “digital marketers” or “SEO guys”. Most of them read up some stuff online and found out that it’s really easy to place a company in directories and write some content for them and link it back to their website. Ask anyone how your SEO process looks like they might give you all kinds of answers, depending on their “adhoc” views on how companies operate (most of them have never even worked for a proper company to know what company processes look like).

In this post, I am trying to cover how a basic SEO workflow can look in your company.

SEO was invented in late 90s, just around the time search engines came out (makes sense right? Search engine optimization has to be done for Search Engines duh?). Those days, departments of companies used to work together without helping each other out much. Not any longer though. Now are days SEO managers typically work with Technical Product managers, Programmers, Designers, Content Writers, PR people and even lawyers (to know what terms and policies should be crawled in what manner and how they will be linked).

To create a SEO workflow, you have to know the outputs and the inputs into each process and finding out who will supply the inputs and receive the inputs.

The main inputs to the SEO process for a big enterprise company can look something like this

• Analytics data

•Market Research, Benchmarking and other data

• Marketing and PR teams


Although for Small to medium sized businesses, this might not be an issue in the beginning, as the Small business grows, these things can have varying impact on the business’s digital strategy. SEO industry definitely needs more focus on processes, so that all the various components that SEO touches are seamless and easy to put in and take out. Currently the ecosystem is so much broken across the customer lifecycle that most businesses have no clue of what the process should look like and what should happen in the future.

What is your SEO process in your company? IF you would like to share, please feel free to email us and we will share your post on our Blog.

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