Happy Friday! Are you ready to change the world one App at a time?

When we are young, we feel invincible, we have so much energy that we feel nothing is impossible. But, something changed in recent history,  when we started building and using apps delivered through the browser (and now phones). People like you and me  we literally touch lives everyday (if not touch them). If you believe in butterfly effect, then you know that apps literally change the course of our lives.

We find lifepartners, carpenters, restaurants, doctors, zoos, programmers, pretty much everything using apps. It saves us time, it makes life more efficient. Apps free up our time so that we can spend that time with our friends, family or improving ourselves (there are apps for finding friends as well as self help P). Point is, that apps change lives. I myself, an Indian immigrant, would never have moved to California if not for Google. I would have never met all the amazing people I met over the last 10 years without using apps. Most Americans now start their lives with an App.

When I discovered apps, it didn’t initially hit me (what we were doing ) (or didn’t understand the full effect of what we are doing). One of the first startups I built, we used to help businesses use Google search and acquire customers, we essentially used apps on behalf of the business owners. Those business owners got millions of customers in the process over years. So we basically made millions of people pick a certain doctor, restaurant, carpet cleaner, etc on a daily basis. Now I thought “ok, now I am actually responsible for someone’s day to day experience because I am responsible for pushing businesses higher up on Google’s search results”. It changed my life, since last 10 years I have worked on more than 100 Apps. I get a rush thinking about new apps, writing specs for new apps, writing new app ideas, analyzing how the industry is moving and so on.

In a way, we are all addicted to apps, but we can be addicted to anything, so apps is not a bad thing to be addicted to! I am not talking about becoming obsessed to them and crashing your car, I am talking about moderate and effective use of apps to make your life easy rather than making yourself unproductive! Even after using and building so many apps, I maintain some sense of balance and I have my downtimes, I choose them very smartly and I do lot of other things to balance my App Fatigue.

Apps are fundamentally deep, because they are just extension of our daily lives, they help us live our daily lives better. Until we become robots and life will not remain life, apps will remain in some way or the other (even if they are called by our thoughts and in our dreams). I am constantly thinking about how I can solve problems for people which can change their lives, change my life (sometimes). And that is what keeps me going in this business, in life in general, because rest of the things are repetitive, busy work (even though we have to do it).

Happy friday App developers! What’s your App story?

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