Developers will develop your App, who will write the Content?

Although you can outsource your content for app, it’s always advisable that you at least have a crack at the content yourself. If you are the founder of an app, that means you are the one who has the grand vision for your product that might become a company some day. Writing Website content especially forces you to clearly think about the value propositions, what to offer to customers, what to prioritize, what your competitors are saying, etc. In fact, I always arrive at a completely different idea after writing a page of content.

There are 2 things that you need to find content writers for:

  1. Website Copy (all the various pages that potential customers can see before signing up for your App)
  2. App Content (Titles, Labels, faq’s, onboarding and all other content related to each page of your Web Application or Mobile Application)

It’s important that your content writers know various aspects of user experience such as onboarding, retention, usability. Content writers have to understand how users use the app, what they look for on the website (before deciding to sign up) and they need to design the content in a way that makes sense and urges users to take action.

Who usually writes the content in your Tech Startup ?

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