Every Web Development Company can use SEO and Content Marketing to get new Customers

Yes you heard me. Every business out there can use SEO to get new leads and customers. Don’t believe me? Last week I was talking to the cofounder of a famous Dev Studio , which now does $10M/year in revenue, building some of the most cutting edge apps (that you might have used) for startups with funding. He told me they landed Microsoft as a client. I told him, I have worked on projects for Microsoft before, and how it was such a big hastle to get a meeting with them. “How did you get Microsoft as a client?” I asked. He told me a senior executive from Microsoft read a piece of article that was written by an employee from their company and decided to reach out to them. BOOM!

Appmakery now ranks on Page 1 of Google
Appmakery now ranks on Page 1 of Google

You might say “That’s just luck, I can’t write on a topic and make it rank?” And thing is you can, it’s really simple. Right now I am writing about SEO and Content Marketing, because time and again, I see founders complaining about not getting enough customers or leads, but I am surprised to see a lack of effort in branding and marketing.

Last time I sold a startup to an investor, I met the investor through the startup that approached us. Guess how did they found us? You’re damn right, Google Search again!  They searched for a term “startup incubator”,  very few people at the time in 2012 searched for a software development company using that keyword. Even more interesting, I had experience running just 1 startup before that and I still decided to use startup Incubator as my main keyword on the website! I made 7 figures, you should too, so start writing now if you are a web development company!

Once you get into the game, like Appmakery has, we can take it to the next level. In fact as I write this, we have a huge plan to double down on the branding and content marketing to create awareness and build Appmakery has a brand. We will be exploring various strategies to position ourselves and leverage variety of content marketing strategies to get in front of the right people!

Google recently changed it’s algorithm again to show 3 results in map view. Appmakery trying to jump into that view 🙂

So I just told you how to get startups as well as Microsoft as your client. Do you have any excuse to not write? Also, why am I telling you this? Aren’t you going to try and put me out of business? That’s ok 🙂 I love a fair game and I love competition. In fact, I won’t even be talking about business if it didn’t feel like sports 🙂

Anyways, thanks for reading, please leave a note or say hi if you are in San Diego Area.


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