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So how do you know the code delivered to you is good? And what is code review? Code review is basically the process of evaluating the code of your app/application against various parameters such as Readability, Maintainability, Scalability etc. Depending on the stage of your startup company, code reviews can play an important part in finding out how well your current system is doing, what you can expect, the kind of front end and backend programmers you need to hire to make sure you get the desired end result i.e.  you have a product that can continue to scale and serve your users in the most efficient manner! Puff 🙂

There are many books written on code reviews, how to write clean code, how to write test driven code as well as how to write a minimal code. In this post, I am going to touch upon the most common topics you need to keep in mind so that your App doesn’t come crashing down one day OR you can’t find developers who can make meaningful improvements and additions to your code. You don’t have to be a developer to pass these instructions to your team, if you are CEO or a manager of your company, this checklist will come handy.

Tip: There is a term called Parallel programming, which is basically 2 guys sitting on one computer and writing a code together (taking turns). Google does this already and with great success. Most people on budget will think, wow, I need 2 guys to do the job of 1 person? It’s a valid question, and it’s probably why startups can’t afford it, but when 2 people work together on a code, they can improve each others code instantly, they can find bugs in each others code instantly, they can solve problems more efficiently and so on…

Ok, so let’s talk about Code review, what do I need to keep in mind?

  1. Code Format: Think about it, if writers wrote books without any format, will it be enjoyable to read? Can we even read a book or a chapter without proper formatting? Finding a previous paragraph you just read will become a nightmare. Same goes for your Code. Writing code is like writing a book, it needs proper structure, blocks, declarations, naming conventions, comments and so on…
  2. Architecture: Thanks to hundreds of tutorials on AWS and Google Cloud, Application Architecture has become as easy as using a framework, we just have to follow them. You probably won’t even face any issues with Architecture in the beginning, but as your app grows and your business grows, Architecture problems can surface. It is completely ok to find out the issues and rewrite parts of your app, every business does that at some point of time. Monolithic vs Services based, it all comes down to your planning, strategy, available programmers (front and back) and your eventual business goals.
  3. Coding Best Practices: Needless to say, every language and framework comes with best practices manuals and you need to enforce those standards on your developers from the beginning.
  4. Maintainability (Supportability) – Your app should need the least amount of effort to support in the future (it should be easy to find out the problems and fix the problem with solutions). Your application should also be easy to Test and it should be very easy to configure your app from a single place. Not keeping the above in mind can lead to your future devs complaining about how long it is taking them to fix bugs or to make simple changes.
  5. Scalability: You have to check if your code is written to support large datasets, large traffic, large interactions from your users. Make sure you are using standard practices such as caching, file compression, Large objects, Lazy loading and other such mechanisms which can make sure your app will keep burning and keep your users warm and happy even on a very busy Christmas eve or July 4th eve (just to give an example)

Above factors are them most important things to keep in mind, there’s more to this topic and each of the above topic has a lot of research going on. If you are worried that your Product might not work the way you intend it to work because of the quality of code written by your front end and backend developers, then you should see some experts. If you are in San Diego or Las Vegas Area, Appmakery would love to spend sometime with your code and give you the right direction, so don’t hesitate to call us 🙂



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